RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Paul Hadavas

9920011I had him during the winter for calc for managment science, and he was excellent. Very organized and willing to answer any questions and work with students if needed. There was around 4 homeworks assignments which were an easy way to gain points. Quizes helped your grade out as well. Excellent professor!!!
9120003Had him fall quarter for calc I. It was an easy A if you took calc before, but harder for an A if not. He's a nice guy and good teacher, and I didn't mind his class even though it was at 9am. Tests were a little harder than what you do in class, but if you do the homework it's not bad. Take him if u can.
9120003Great professor. The test are kind of tough; but his lecture notes are VERY organized and if you ask for help outside of class he will try to explain it to you in a different ways until he finds a way that works!!! Great Prof!
8520002Decent professor, long bits of silence while he's stumped on calculus problems that we give him. Don't take him in the morning!