RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Paul Tymann

9920023A very compotent teacher, able to easily convey information to his students. His tests are comprehensive, but not overly complicated or antagonistic. He is a tough grader, but fair. Tymann gladly answers any question to the best of his knowledge and is not afraid to admit that he might have to look something up. I strongly recommend Tymann.
9920023One of the best professors here at RIT. He is the backbone of the whole CS department. Great lecturer, great notes. His classes are a lot of fun. If you're going to take a class that he's teaching, get into his section even if its at 8am. It's worth it. The guy who gave Tymann an F has no clue what he's taking about.
9520023Great teacher. Makes material easy to understand. All his notes are online for easy reference.
9920023What more can I say? He's started to admit that he doesn't know stuff more frequently and is overall a really friendly, instructive and helpful guy. Why couldn't more teachers be like him?
5820023Didn't help me understand any of the material very well at all. Expects you to know how to do everything before you even enter the class.
9920023best CS teacher I have had I look foreward to having him for CS3.
9920012By far the best teacher I have had at RIT. Easy grader, interesting lectures.
9920012Tymann's my hero.
9120012Awesome teacher, nice guy, but his tests are terrible.
9920012Tymann is GOD!!! Incredibly helpful teaching methods. Tests are EXTREMELY easy if you follow along in class and have some background in the subject. (Don't take tests while hung over) ;)
If you have the chance to take Tymann, do it. Change your schedule if you have to, but take him. Extremely helpful outside of class, and answers all emails.
Thanks for a positive learning experiance
9920012Not only is he a great teacher, he blows off those CS majors that try to kiss his butt. If you want a fair class, this is the only teacher that can give one in the CS department.
9920012Wonderful professor. Really relates to the students and covers lots of material at a good pace without leaving many behind. Open to help for all sorts of things and a very fair grader and person.
9920012yay tymann!
9520012if( dude.tryAndUnderstandCS2&& dude.doSelfHomework ) {
tymannGrade = easyA ;
} else if ( dude.HaphazardWork ) {
tymannGrade ="B/C/D";
} else {
tymannGrade = "F"
Very good teacher, but a FAIR and tough grader. If you really want to learn Computer Science, take him!
9920012Best teacher ever.
9520012Great prof. Tymann has an awesome lecture. He is always making class interesting, and he relates the materal well. His lectures are memorable, especially when he brought in stuffed animals. If you can, get Tymann, he's the man.
9920012Best CS teacher I've had yet... Great sense of humor, good at teaching what you need to know. He does grade pretty hard, but it's perfectly possible to get an A.
9520011He is a great Proffesor
9920011Definately the coolest professor here!
9520011Professor Tyman is great, his classes are actually enjoyable. He has a great sense of humor, even if it is a little corney sometimes. He presents the material very well, and makes it easy to understand. I would definately recommend him to anyone.
9920011Excellent explanation of java. Very helpful, teaches whats going to be on labs at the end of the week.
8520011Good, but never says "I don't know" in response to questions when he obviously doesn't.
9920011Funny guy, never have problems with him.. definatly a good professer.
9920011Great Professor. learned a lot in his class and wish I could've gotten him next quarter!
9920011Great teacher. Learned a lot and always enjoyed his classes.
9920011Tymann is the man!
he's always there to help, and he can actually teach the class.
9920004awsome professor. he has a good sense of humor and makes you feel its easier to go and talk to him. also, he answers his email pretty promptly, even to 9 or 10 at night sometimes :)
9920003i use to be CS major but currently IT...
but Tymann is the Best..
any student will get...
8820003I think Tymann is one of the best CS Professors we have but he is a very tough grader.
9920002Greatest teacher I've had here at RIT. Makes class fun with lots of visual aids. He's a great teacher and a great guy. Near impossible to get his courses, but if you can get in early...do it!
9520002This guy's a great teacher with a good sense of humor. His classes are pretty relaxed, and he has interesting project ideas. His web site is amazingly helpful to the point where I don't even have to take notes.
9120002Really liked his enthusiasm
9520002An excellent Professor. He is fair, knowledgeable, and an all around good person. His presentation of the materials is easy to understand. I wish he taught more classes that i want to take.
9920002An absolutely fantastic teacher. Answers questions very clearly. His great sense of humor lightens the mood of each class. He's all-in-all a great guy.
9120002Great teacher, kept class interesting for the most part. In PLC he gave take-home tests, but they were still quite difficult. You had to pick up everything he said in class, and he moved a little fast sometimes. Definitely one of the better CS professors.
9920002Tymann was a great cs teacher. I can't really say more than that.
9920002Far and away the best CS professor there is. Personable, friendly, and brilliant in a classroom. Make your schedule around him.
9920002Excellent teacher. Good examples and explanations. Patient with everyone. Answers all questions readily.
9520002Tymann is a good man. His classes are interesting. He can present the material well, with a sense of humor. Highly recommended.
9920001Friendly, casual, knowledgeable, and helpful the four qualities that make Tymann such a good professor.
9920001He has the first CS to close, even if it's 8 AM, and you are going to question his ability to teach? He is a great teacher, able to convey the material well, and throws in some reminders, jokes, and more to break any doldrums. If you can get his class, get it!
9920001Great teacher. His classes are interesting and informative.
9520001I have taken CS1 and Data Comm with Tymann and he's awesome. One of my favorite teachers here. He's a cool guy and willing to help out. Tests are always very reasonable.
9920001Very helpful. Relates everything to real world examples. Best teacher i've ever had. Good luck getting him though, his cs2 class filled up before 6:30!!
9520001Knows material well, grades fairly. Overall good teacher to have.
9920001Tymann is the greatest Professor I've ever had!! He actually makes the class interesting, and has a sense of humor. Everyone should take him!!
9920001He could teach rocket science to chimpanzees
9519993yay tymann!!!!