RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Peter Ferran

7120012I really didn't enjoy his German Theater class. Very few assignments, little to justify your grade. Unorganized.
9520011Keeps class interesting, is very insightful, and thoroughly knows the material he is teaching.
9920003Awesome teacher, very energetic, gets very involved in his class.
6120003Favors theater freaks who kiss his butt, likes to curse and use vulgarity to get a rise out of people, especially women. All in all, acts like a theater snob who doesn't care jack about opinions other than his. NOTE: If you teach theater at a tech school, you are not even close to being a big deal.
9520002Great drama teacher. Teaches you by letting you do it yourself and really cares if you learn the material...but he grades more by effort then by talent (that's a good thing).