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Ratings for Pellegrino Nazzaro

9520023First off, I don't think I’ll be taking any course advice from people that who think "u" is a word... And secondly, the class isn’t very hard to pass with even minimal effort. I didn't buy a single book for the class and had no trouble with the tests. Everything he asks comes from the notes you should be taking and what he says in class. If you look really closely you might notice that some questions in the tests actually answer previous questions from the same test. Overall he's a slightly arrogant person (but with numerous degrees and a language spoken fluently for each one it's understandable). He also was in Europe for most of the history being taught so he has personal experience to add to the lecture. Aside from that, if a Chem major with no love for history or books for the class can pass then anyone can.
8820023A very controversial proffesor. I think he is awesome! He is arrogant, rude, and makes no effort to make sure you learn. With that said, he is bright, funny, intelligent, and gives you all the resources you need to achieve an A in his class. He likes to point certain students out in class (for good things and bad), so just make sure there is nothing pertaining to class that you would have to be embarrased about (he WILL let it be known to the whole class that you got a low test score if you did). One of the most interesting teachers here. His stories about his life rock and they are relavent to the course material
8120023He is interesting. His lectures are for him alone to talk, no discussions. If you can remember something like dates, order of events, names, ... while reading 200 pages for each test, take him.
He thinks himself and Americans are above any other people in the world. It's really offensive.
7120023Tests are largely on useless knowledge with very little done on actual principles. Seems to think he is superior to all the students and makes it known. Very knowledgable on subject and somewhat humerous but his attitude is somewhat offensive to me.
9520012One the most intelligent professors at RIT. He does have a thick accent but it takes only one class to get used to. Im not sure why everyone says he is rude and disrepects as he has never shown anything like that in class. He is always happy to answer questions and likes it when students learn. I didn't find his tests hard, but then again I put some effort in. But i can see how they would be hard if someone didn't try. Overall, you will learn a lot from taking a class with, especially europe since 1945, and it isn't too hard to get a good grade as long as you try.
6120012he can't talk ENglish.. I am an international student from Europe and i don't think that he is covering the subject.. you'll only learn how to pronounce italian words and learn the Italian History. He covers a lot of chapters in 2 hours and expects you to read at least 13 chapters+ 3 essays + at least 3 chapters from another book.. and he asks the names of the people that you can't even remember. Don't take him.
9920012Nazzaro is one of the best educated and downright cool teachers on campus. If you do the reading and take a few notes it's easy to get A's. All multiple choice tests with lots of bonus questions and no eassays or research papers. The stories he tells in class are crazy fun. Nazzaro Rules!
9920012Extremly educated. I enjoy listening to his wisdom, and his experiences give you direct knowledge of events. Best History Professor I've had at RIT.
9920012One of the best professors I've ever had. People complain because A) He had a thick accent. So what? That doesn't make him a bad professor, and it's not that difficult to adjust to. B) He talks about his life. By itself, this would be a legitimate complaint, but everything he talks about has some significance to the material, and if you weren't sleeping in the back of the class you would realize that. C) He plugs his book. I haven't noticed this at all. In fact, he's only taking material from his book for the third test (which we have on Monday); we didn't even have to read it for the first two tests. Better yet, we didn't even have to buy it! This is, however, something of an inconvenience, because that means we have to go read it in the library. Oh no, the library, it's haunted! (Only in the movie Ghostbusters.)
Please. Dr. Nazzaro is a smart man, and he knows what he's talking about. As for his tests, they're easy, almost obscenely so, if you've been paying attention and you've done the reading. Heck, sometimes he even gives up to 10 potential bonus points (5 questions worth 2 points each). I got an 88 on the first test, but when my bonus points were added (all of the questions were related to the material), I got a 96, the second highest grade on the test. I got an 84 on the second, but I really "prepared" horribly for that one. Other people talk about essays, and so does the syllabus, but even though he said he would give us a choice between multiple choice or essay, he's just given us multiple choice. I have absolutely no problem with that, but some people might. He's never insulted anyone in my class, although when I've made some admittedly stupid statements (history, especially European history, was never my forte), he did laugh in a somewhat condescending way. I am a person who has a rather low self-esteem, and even that didn't phase me, because he was right. He's never called us lazy, but then again, nobody ever sleeps in our class (probably because he makes it quite clear in the syllabus that doing so will not be tolerated).
Folks, let's face facts: the only reason why you did poorly in his class is because you were ill-prepared and lazy (you sleep in class, then you complain when he calls you lazy?). others have said it, and so will I: If you want an easy A, take a different class, with a different professor. Strange as it may seem, Dr. Nazzaro actually expects you to do the work that you're expected to do (which sounds crazy in college, I know, but just try it, you may be pleased with the results).
6820012Very arrogant. While he does overly promote his books, he never does demand you buy one other than the textbook he wrote.

He has absolutely no respect for his students whatsoever. When you attend class, you better make sure to pay attention all the time, because he pulls out the most obscure things on his exams. If you don't hear something (which is VERY easy with his thick accent), too bad. You will be endlessly ridiculed by him for asking him to repeat or clarify something.

The main textbook he assigns isn't much better. Each exam is a compilation the most obscure facts taken from 3 weeks of notes, around 200-250 pages from the textbook, and 3 essays. The textbook is basically just a timeline of dates, people, and events, and doesn't go into detail about any of them, requiring you to go through the 200 pages 2 or 3 times if you want any hope of learning the "information" that's in there.

He does have a redeeming quality, however. He definitely knows what he's talking about. If you can manage to pay attention to each class you will invariably become much more educated on Europe's history.
9920012Extremly well educated. I took him for two quaters and enjoy listen to his wisdom.
Best Prof. I ever had.
6120012Didn't enjoy the class. He is extrememly hard to understand and the tests are hard. He is also very full of himself. If you think I am lying listen to his first lecture so you can see for yourself. Then after that you can drop the course. I strongly suggest that you take someone else besides him.
7820012There is a lot to be learned in this class and Dr. Nazzaro takes education very seriously, however unless you take extreme care to study every damn thing, you will not recieve a satisfactory grade. This is not a blow-off course, and if you take it as one, you will perish. He seemed to create the tests so that people who knew the material would have a very easy time of it. Whereas if you didn't have complete command of all curricular material, you would get royally screwed. Don't take this class to just fill in some credit hours, for if you do, you have my condolances.
5320012Never answers questions without making people look stupid. Horrible Italian accent. Real old and doesn't hear well. Wastes too much time.
5320012Dr. Nazzaro has absolutely no respect for any of his students. He routinely makes rude comments, and refused to listen to me when I confronted him in a 1 on 1 setting. He treated me with disrespect on multiple occasions. Dr. Nazzaro needs to realize that his students are PAYING to take his class. Our tuition money is his salary. As far as what you will learn - he will teach you the material (it is a LOT to learn in a short amount of time, however). Because of his disrespectful manner, I am forced to leave him with an F. This sort of professor is definitely not what I expected to encounter at RIT.
8820011Dr. Nazzaro is an excellent professor. When he teaches I feel as if I am learning the information first hand from someone who has actually lived through it. Dr. Nazzaro has a plethora of information. It gives me a good feeling to know that I am learning for a reputable and credible professor, rather than just any old guy reading out of a textbook. He is humorous and just about everyone in my class can agree that he tells great stories that tie into the lesson. Dr. Nazzaro is an excellent teacher and those who say otherwise are lazy. I have about a C in the class, however that is my own fault, not Dr. Nazzaro's. Dr. Nazzaro is an EXCELLENT professor.
8120003As to the above, anyone who gave Nazzaro an F needs to blame themselves not the teacher if they did bad. I'm not the most studious of students but I was forewarned about nazzaro and his tests. The thing is, is I paid attention in class and read the book and te tests were fine, nazzaro is a really good teacher (albeit a little hard to understand). In conclusion, if you are willing to work then take this class, it is really very very interesting.
ps. Yes, Nazzaro does plug his own books.
pps. If you take the class be prepared to become Nazzaro's "Good friend" as he uses this phrase to describe the class about every other line of spoken english,
6820003Dr. Nazzaro knows a ton about what he teaches. The only problem is it's hard to learn all that he knows. He will pull out obscure dates, places, and people on his tests. The final was probably the hardest test I have taken at RIT. He is kind of funny because he is so insane, but his class is far from easy. I did get an A but I never got an A on any test so go figure. I recommend taking another professor.
9520003Very Interesting teacher. Keeps the lectures lively with jokes etc. Grew up during WWII. Tests are not hard if you read all the selected readings. Recommended if you enjoy history.
9520003tough tests because of all the material but very interesting individual, can sometimes tell stories and then tell them 5 more times, funny
4820002Nazarro is a self induldged old man who's english is very complicated to understand. You will hear the phrase "You Understand" about 1000 times over the course of the quarter. His lectures are long and basically boring. You get the choice of essay or multiple choice tests. However, he tells u flat out u will fail the essay and then the multiple choice tests cover material that is pretty much impossible to study for. As an example on how retarded his test are the 2nd test he gave us, the 1st 12 answers were "D-None of the Above", i mean how ignorant is that? This guy just likes to make himself feel special by telling his life story. He has no compassion for his students and if u bomb a test or two kiss your GPA goodbye. Dont take his class!
4820002I agree with all of the others who gave Nazzaro an F. He was probably the WORST teacher I have ever encountered here at RIT. He continually puts Americans down yet lives in this country. He talks about all of his accomplishments and makes you buy his books (which suck). Don't take him for Modern European History...save yourself!!!
9120002Extremely difficult but if you like history and are willing to learn, take him. If you dont, well, you know what to do. He knows a lot and is an asset anywhere.
4820002I took this course Last year my first quarter. This man is such a jack ass it isn't even funny. I passed the course, pretty well with a B and I must say he did a great job of being the most pompous and arrogant bastard I have ever come across. Not only did I learn how lazy and stupid Americans are, but I came out with a horrible prejudice against foreign teachers who can't even speak English properly!
4820002Horrible teacher and a really cruel man. Thinks an awful lot of himself and is willing to admit that if 4 people get a D and everyone else fails then he thinks he has done a good job.
7520002I learned a lot in his class. I think everyone else summed up my thoughts better than i could. He doesnt seem to like people who do pay attention and then challenge or add to what he says.I was one of those people...and needless to say he used his vast intellect to shoot down what i had to say- of course it was more relevant and right cus he has a phd and i dont...whatever dude! Avoid him if you are not a political science or history buff.
7520002If Satan is a god, he is the reason. I mean the guy's lecture made Mussolini look good. Nazzaro knows a lot about European history. However, his students are a different story. The grade i gave him is the grade that he gave me. By the way, have i told u i got a 79.50 in his class?
9120002If you are legitimately interested in history take this professor. The man worked at the Vatican and he also heard Hitler and Mussolini give speeches. He is one of the last great resources that is still living from the WWII era. If however you are lazy and want an easy A for a liberal arts class… don't waste your time.
9520002He is a really great instructor. But he is "hard." Its hard to get an 'A.' But that doesn't define how he teaches. He is knowledgeable about what he teaches. You could say he is a little egoistical... yeah. But if you are looking to learn something, then you will learn a lot. If you are looking for an easy 'A' then you might want to try a different instructor.
6820002Pellegrino needs to work on his english if he wants to teach in america. He will tell you the same stories he told his first 120+ classes about his friend who owns a Ferrari, and the bum who worked at the piano factory. His lectures are all over the place. The tests are EXTREMELY unfair. Tests on material he never covers. There is too much material to possibly study in time for the tests. His reading assignments are too broad. He gives irrelevant information in his lectures that you never see again like the birth and death dates of EVERY SINGLE damn person he talks about. He is a weak old man who is trying to prove to himself that he did something with his life. He makes his wife cut his grass.
8520002I put in more hours studying for Nazzaro's class than any other subject in my life, but I learned a great deal.

If you are really looking to work hard and learn, Nazarro is your man...but don't even dream about getting an A.
4820002The Worst Teacher I've has at RIT! When I was in his class, the back two rows were asleep. The middle two were nodding off/waking up, and the front row was mostly awake. Nazzaro went off at every break about how useless the students are, and how we are so lazy. He refuses to realize that everybody is sleeping because he is so boring.
He also asks you to buy about 6 books. 4 of which you don't even use, he only asks you to buy them becasue he wrote them.
4820001He doesn't really care about his students, all he wants to do is make himself feel all mighty by smashing down students, and tries to make some bucks off his book(which you cannot sell back). Great guy...compared to satan.
8820001Dr. Nazzaro is extremely dedicated to his subject. He frequently reminds his class that he has taught here for 38 years, and that he has published 5 books......

If you really enjoy history, and like long lectures with alot of notes, this is your man, but be prepared to read about 200 pages for each of three tests, plus a cumulative final.

Dr. Nazzaro does not, like some other history teachers I have encountered, bias his lectures in any direction. He is a straight facts teacher, and this carries over to his multiple choice tests.

Overall a positive experience.
4820001The reason he teaches is for promotion of his book.
8119993I really enjoy his lectures but the tests are very harsh and for the most part he dosen t give homework, he ll base your final grade on 3 or 4 tests, which can be harsh. He also assigns a *lot* of reading, so don t take a class with him if you have another reading-intensive class.
7519993This course is extreamly fast paced and Nazzaro has no sympathy for questions. What he says is the law and if you don t understand it then you better start reading cause the books are the only things that will save you.
8519993Inadequate study guide for examinations.
8519993You will learn a great deal, but the tests require a great deal of studying and he can be rather cocky.