RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Roger Freeman

4820023What a jackass, this guy thinks he is gods gift to being intellectual. Doesnt write good info on board and gives no handouts. Thinks theatre is all that is important in life and doesnt understand that most students are just there to get their fine arts requirement
9520023I'll admit--if you don't already have an interest in theater, his classes can be boring. However if you are interested in theater his classes are interesting and he facilitates good discussion. He really knows his stuff and obviously has a strong passion for what he teaches. While his classes are challenging and the work load may be a little much at times (I had him for an upper level class) he is very understanding and a sincerely kind person. He was very helpful to me in talking after class and even giving me academic advice about things not pertaining to his class.
7520023Handed out grades on essays arbitraily. Make sure to prepare for tests. They are harder than he suggests. Quizes are easy.
9920012This guy rocks! His entire lecture is basically a performance, and he's really good at it. He'll keep you awake with amusing anecdotes and stories, and he loves class discussion and the opinions of his students. Taking notes and reading the required plays is a must to get a good grade though.
9520012Really good teacher, he made not so interesting topics somewhat interesting. Has a lot of good stories too. :-)

He doesn't explain assignments very well and gives incredibly vague instructions which makes it difficult to know what is expected.
9920012Good lectures, encourages class participation, fair grader. Probably the best liberal arts professor that I've had here yet.
9520012I took Prof Freeman for Fine Arts: Theatre. Despite what I thought would be an incredibly boring class turned out to be quite interesting and I was never bored during his lectures, even though the class was two hours long. Prof Freeman went to great lengths the first class to learn everybody's name. By the end of the first lecture he was hitting close to 95% of the names. He did not however explain his assignments well at all. Instead examples were given of how the particular assignment "would-be" done in the real world. It did not provide much guidance at all. Overall, he was a pleasent instructor, a fair grader, and an interesting speaker.