RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Robert Rothman

8520023Like Jim the Hammer Shapiro, Dr Rothman is one mean S-O-B. but he's still a good professor
6120023I’ve taken almost all of Dr. Rothman’s classes. He is a nice guy, always receptive to questions and available for one on one assistance. He is a very strict grader, almost unreasonably strict. He doesn’t seem to have a good sense of time management. He often writes exams which require more than the hour allotted to them, leaving at times more than half the class with blanks on their exams. His lectures consistently run over. Dr. Rothman’s inability to clearly convey course material in class is distracting. He is a mediocre professor at best, definitely avoid him he is a sure way to a damaged GPA.
9920023He is an excellent prof. i wld take an 8 am class if he was offering one...he knows wht he is talking about..he is great when trying to talk to him One..on One...very understanding
7520002Somewhat cold, somewhat unclear, but fairly thought-provoking.