RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Robert Brown

6520023He rambles and rambles about nothing remotely interesting.
8120023Read the book and you will pass this course
7120023Put me to sleep in my noon class on a regular basis. Content could be interesting, but the delivery was frequently lacking. Easy tests if you read the text. That is all. Commence your dancing.
8520023The class was very simple - he lectured, ocassionally showed videos, and there were tests. Not much to it really. The lectures followed along with the readings, which comes in handy if you can't make to class (or skip alot). The class was pretty interesting, but many may find him to be dull. I didn't think he was that bad.
6520012very boring lectures.. made me not want to wake up for the class... seems like a nice guy though.. just read the assignments and you should do okay in the course... just keep in mind BORING.
8520011unbelievably boring, easy tests if you read the book
7520011Professor brown is a nice guy. I wish I could give him higher marks but I can't. His lectures are very boring and he doesn't really try to involve the class in the material. He likes to use long videos, especially at the end of the class. I think his teaching style needs some serious updating.
7520003His tests are incredibly easy (50 mulitple choice questions). Just read the book, it was the same as my High School government class basically. I only attended about 5 of his classes since he recites the EXACT same lecture every time about how we didn't become a "real" democracy until the 1960's and always stared at the podium. Seemed like a nice enough guy though, nothing personal, just not the best prof to stimulate the students.
9520003Professor Brown is a very nice guy who does care about the students. Tests are fair and so are his methods of grading, either listen to lecture or read the book, they are basically the same. Take him, he really isn't as bad as some people say.... just preferably not a 4 hour class!!!
9520002Tests are cake. Lectures are pointless. Read the book.
6520002Absolutely boring. Do not take any of his courses. Politics was a history course, rather than rhetoric. Avoid!
4820002Did not buy the book for the class attended the lame lecture and I got a B. This is the worst professor I have had in my billion years in school! RUN do not walk! Avoid him like the plague! Lectures suck. The lectures are full of scandal and intrigue and no substance! I learned NOTHING! Waste of my time!!
6120002Generally a bad professor. He comes to class, sits at the front and talks for 2 hours. He does not have any handouts, he never writes on the board, he does not use the projector or anything. He rarely even looks up at the class, it is not uncommon for people to have a question and have to wait 10 minutes before they can ask it because he doesn't ever look at the class to see if anybody has their hand raised. He doesn't seem to care if people understand what he is talking about. His politics class is more history than politics. Exam questions are taken from a pool of questions and have no relation to the material he talks about in class. Not recommended at all.
5320002The worst "teacher" I have ever had at RIT. Enough said.
9920002Either read the text, or go to class. It's not necessary to do both. Tests are factual and fairly easy.
8520001Knows his stuff, but his voice is a little dull (don't take him for an 8:00 am class). Tests are pretty straightforward, but they're usually on textbook content rather than what he covers in lecture.