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Ratings for Rebecca Daggar

8820023Not bad, sometimes over explains things but she does a good job and is willing to give extra help.
9920023Professor Daggar is by far one of my favorites here at RIT. Yes, at times you may feel like you're in high school but her point is to break everything down and explain it all in an easy way so everyone will understand the material. She is very dedicated to her job and is willing to take time out whenever she can to help a student. Anyone who has said Mrs. Daggar isn't willing to help probably never asked for it. All material is relevant on tests and she spends a lot of time reviewing for them beforehand. Very easy if you pay attention. I'm taking another course with her next quarter and would definitely recommend her to anyone.
9520023An excellent professor. She did a great job teaching Data Analysis. Went over everything very thoroughly, and everything she taught would most probably appear on the tests. Keep your ears open and keep a good attitude and you'll be fine.
9920012If you want a decent grade in her class you have to go to class and do the work on time. She's very nice and always wants you to understand the material. Her tests are fair, and she's a decent grader. I never had as much fun in any of my classes as I do in her class. I would definetly take her as my teacher again.....Thanx Mrs. D :)
5320012Yuck. Yuck. Did I mention yuck? Last I heard, I graduated from high school. She actually threatened us at the beginning of the year saying "the only legit excuses for not coming to class are if you're in the hospital, in jail, or dead." Avoid her!
6520012She treats you like youre in 6th grade, doesnt help you out with the problems, doesnt let you leave class if you want to, she doesnt even help you with stuff if you have any problems. there are three tests, a comprehensive final and a project to do...she just basically sucks so avoid her if you can.
9920012I had her for two classes as well, and was pleased when i found out that she was teaching my stats 2 class. she was always prepared for class, goes over homework, and answers all questions. at times, she does treat you like you're in high school, but that's because she was used to teaching high school students. for many people, this is good because she takes things slow. as long as you come to class and pay attention and do work, she is more than willing to help you. she's also really nice..
5320012If you have a Ti-83 and know how to use it, don't take Data Analysis with her. Very opinionated, her way or the highway. The speech impediment is quite amusing (learn how to say comfortable and questions). Thanks for a great quarter :(
9520011Makes complex things easy. Never assigns difficult assignments.
7520011average high school teacher. reminds a lot of the math teacher from the TV show Saved By The Bell.
9520011She is a great teacher and does a very good job at explaining things. If you have a problem, then go see her, and she'll help you out, no problem. You can't skip her class though. I would recommend her to anybody.
7820011Has a teaching style that makes the material easy to understand. However she treats her students like they were still in high school. Very picky about unimportant details. Things have to be done her way or else. Can be difficult to deal with.
7120011teaches straight from the book... unless you've taken calc before, you might have trouble learning it here. it seems she teaches problems in the hardest form possible. She does plenty of examples, but often makes major mistakes and argues w/the students that know what they're doing about the problem. i would avoid her if possible.
9920003This teacher is exceptional, if you the student are willing to put in the effort to do well in the class, she has no problem meeting you half way!
9920003I';m smarter then this lady thats why i got A
9520003Clear and easy to understand
4820002She is the worst teacher I've seen in a long time. She treats her students like they're in 1st grade and she is a terrible teacher. She doesn't explain anything she says. She says how a problem is solved but doesn't explain why it works.
9920002I've had the luxury of taking not one, not two, but THREE classes with Professor Daggar. She has been by far one of the best teachers I have come in contact with here at RIT. Math was not my strongest subject yet she had the ability to make it less intimidating and easier to understand. Each week, she took an additional hour out of her own time to tutor myself and several other students before each of our 3 scheduled classes. She doesn't have time for people who don't pay attention in class or do the weekly assignments. If you are one of those students who thinks you know it all, that math comes easy to you, and you are going to sit in class, not pay attention, and disrupt other students, then don't take her class. She's very committed to making sure everyone learns the concepts and has a humorous way at times for making you remember certain terms or equations. I've seen students in the class clash with her, only because they rarely show up, talk in class, or give off an attitude. She will not smooth over bruised egos or relentlessly help those who don't want to help themselves. She's there to teach and if you can embrace her effective teaching style, you will reap the benefits. Like I've said, I've taken THREE classes with her and wouldn't have elected to take her two additional times if I felt she was what the previous person has stated.