RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Ralph Longobardi

7520012An OK professor, he knows what he's talking about but sometimes has trouble conveying certain ideas to the class. His tests aren't that easy, either. I had him for Discrete 2, and although the concepts of the material wasn't hard to understand or learn, he sometimes threw in questions on tests or quizes that were never discussed in class, because he assumes that if you understand one concept, you'll definitely know this other concept.

The major complaint I had with this class is that we had no book to work from. He hardly ever assigned practice problems and there was no homework which made learning some material more difficult that it should have been. The class could have been a lot better than it actually was.
5320012This professor doesn't even know the material himself. How is he supposed to teach us? He often has to redo his own examples to correct his own mistakes. The students correct him as he teaches. Very unsure of himself. If you struggle with math, then find another professor.
7520012I had him for Discrete II. Going in I heard a lot of bad things about him, but I came out surprised. He wasn't nearly as bad as people have made him out to be. Ignore all of these Fs on this review board, those are from people that cannot pay attention in class, Longobardi isn't that bad...believe me there are far worse! The man knows what he is doing, and goes through tediously explaining the material through examples on the board. There's no way of not understanding if you actually are paying him any attention. The only bad points about him I'd like to point out would be how extremely boring his lectures can be, and how he can get a bit flustered when he makes a mistake on the board or a student asks him a question when he's trying to do something. All in all, he isn't that bad a teacher, though there are better out there.
5820012Not a good professor at all. He didn't use the book at all, talked to the board, taught thing's wrong, etc. I gotta say he was the worst math professor I've had here. The only thing that made the course tolerable was that it's Discrete II and well...that's just easy stuff.
4820012Horrible. He's unfair on grading, doesn't give enough notes, does not teach the class, rather writes stuff on the board. He does not explain what will be on tests and quizzes, and does not give enogh frequent sample problems to understand the concepts. Avoid him
4820012Style of teaching is horrible. You know the prof. doesn't know how to teach when the class has to correct mistakes he has made. The best part of my class was playing soccer or making pirate hats witht he people around me.
5320012He constantly makes mistakes and needs double-checking by students. Personally I could of taught the class better than him. He often refers to his notes as a basis of teaching instead of his own intuition (which there is none of mind you).
5320012I mostly knew this stuff before taking the class, this teacher, through his constant mistakes managed to confuse me sometimes... He couldn't even get examples right when he took them directly from his own book! Extreemly boring voice tones, and explains things badly.
9520012He is not that work if you study.
5820011He gets the '+' because i got an A somehow. Take notes with a pencil, for he will correct himself a hundred times. Students were constantly pointing out his mistakes, some of which he disagreed with. Very little partial credit, and always made mistakes grading homework, quizzes, and tests. Didn't explain things in an understandable manner. Avoid if you can, otherwise goodluck!
7120011He is not generally incorrect but confusing to understand. He seems to contradict himself, but this is because he does not explain certain pieces of the material. However, he is a fair grader and if you stick to his explanation of the homework (after he collects it), there should be little problem with the tests. His methods need work (for example, quizzes after handing homework back instead of quizzes after handing homework in), but slowly getting there.
4820002worst professor ever!!!!
4820002Very very bad. Seems to misunderstand the material himself, and never agrees with corrections. Seems somewhat snide in his treatment of students. Didn't learn anything from him.
4820002He makes so many mistakes and corrects himself so often that it's impossible to learn what he's trying to teach. Students regularly pointed out his errors and he often even doubted their claims that he made a mistake. Avoid taking a class with him at any cost.
4820001Horrible, Horrible Teacher!!! Made tons of mistakes doing problems on the board. I only survived the class because I took it in high school
4820001He makes frequent errors in class which makes it hard to understand what he is trying to teach.
4820001Worst prof I have ever had. He made me feel stupider by the time I left class. If you have an option don't get him for a prof.