RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Robert Warth

7820012Tests are extremely hard. Be aware of the short answer section. If you don't put EXACTLY what he has in his mind, he will minus at least 1-2 points. Believe me, it adds up.
4820012This professor said he had an open door policy but was rude and degraded when you went to see him. He took points off of the smallest mistakes on tests and was extremely rude. If you don't want to teach yourself the material out of the book then don't take him. He has a horrible teaching method and makes his students feel worthless. Rambles on and on in class about things that have nothing to do with what we're supposed to learn and then gets upset when we all do poorly on an exam. I will never take him again and I think RIT needs to re-evalute him and possibly get rid of him.
7520011doesn't present what is needed for the tests although tells stories.
9920003Outstanding. Presents material clearly and concisely. Fair grader, you get what you deserve.
7520002Knows what he's talking about but doesn't present the material very well.
9120002He knows the material he presents very well. There is not too much homework, and all homework assignments that are given are relevant to the exams. If you do out of class assignments and ask questions, you will have no trouble in his class.
9520002Material for this class is presented in a great way. Easy to learn from him and he is always willing to help you with something you don't understand.