RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Richard Benjamin

8520012Teaches strait out of the book. Could never go to class, take tests only and get an A.
9520011good teacher. tests werent bad. should of got an A but i slacked off
8820011c'mon ... he had all As.... no but I did have him and he was good, clear, concise.. wish the tests didn't have anything about the reading in the textbook, b/c that's what i didn't study. oops
9920003Excellent professor...If you attend his classes, you don't even have to buy the book!
9520003Explains things very clearly and follows the textbook well. The course isn't hard at all, especially if you took economics in high school. He doesn't waste time teaching things you won't remember or won't ever need to know.
9520002Benjamin is a very helpful instructor, he is always willing to help clearify whatever he is teaching. He sincerely wants his students to do well. If you study you will have no problem with his tests. The tests are not intended to trick you, they are only on what he covers in class.
9520002Very good professor. Explained things very well. Enjoyed his class
9520002Dr. Benjamin explains things well in class. He cares that students learn and strives for participation. If you are willing to learn, he will be willing to make sure you will!
9920002Hes an absolutely great professor. Good grading and very interesting lectures. Goes out of the way to help you out. Strongly advise you to take him if you can
9520002He is a great professor who makes learning fun. He avoids goinging into confusing material that we will never use in the future. He teaches his students using great real-life examples. It was a pleasure having him as a teacher.
9519993This is a very good teacher. He wants you to suceed, and is available for questions and extra help. The tests are vrey relevent to the material, and the final is not cumulative. Overall I thought it was a very well taught course.
9519993He is just a great professor! Take him if you can.