RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Robert Luce

9920023This guy is easily one of the best math professors here. He goes over the homework everyday to make sure everyone is on track, his lectures are about as good as it gets for a math class, and the exams aren't too bad at all.
9520012Good teacher and very approchable. homework was reasonable and not collected. usually a quiz or test on fridays. they arent bad though; ive been told the test problems are just like the homework, i never did homework though so i wouldnt know. take him if you have the chance. he really wants his students to understand, do well and he enjoys teaching!
8120012He tries to teach and does so most of the time............though he tends to mess up and that gets to piss most ppl off after a few times. Quizes are straight from hw so do it and your head will be above water. on a side note: he really does look like adam west.
9520012Great Teacher, too bad I didn't get to see his bat cave and the batmobile he probably drives in
9920012Mr. Luce is honestly the best math teacher I've ever had. He is a retired highschool teacher, and fortunately he teaches like it. I had him for calc I and II and did very well in both classes because of him. If you need someone who can explain everything just right, and will keep explaining it until you understand, go for him! No graded homeworks and he tests on what his class knows.
9920012Professor Luce is the man. He knows exactly what he is teaching, and conveys it perfectly to students in a very understandable manner. He gives homework everynight which is great practice for tests & quizzes, but the hw itself is not checked or graded. usually gives a quiz every friday except on weeks there is a test. Quizzes are fairly easy if you do the hw. tests are a little bit above average in terms of difficulty level, but he prepares the class really well and if you study, it should be no problem. TAKE THIS GUY IF YOU GET A CHANCE!!!
8520012He is a great man. His teaching is a bit hard to understand and will require a great effort on your part to learn the material. If you work hard and do all the homework, you will be fine. If not, you'll end up withdrawing, like I did.
9120012I thought I was the only one who thought he looks like Adam West! Looks like I'm either insane, or I just follow the insane crowd.
Either way, Luce is definitely a good professor. He tends to make mistakes up on the board, but someone usually speaks up to correct them. Don't be afraid to be that person! It you see that he wrote down the wrong number, say so. Even if you think you might see something wrong, speak up anyway. If it turns out that what you thought is wrong, he'll explain why.
All in all, a nice guy, but it would have been so much more amusing if he had an adolescent TA.
9920012Profesor Luce was one of the best math teachers I ever had. If you do your work, his class is not that hard. Majority of his test and quizzes came from homework problems. He is always helpful and around if you need it.
9920012excellent teacher. Knows what he's talking about and is keeps you awake in class. Good guy and always tryies to help you out
9920012Absolutely the best math professor I've ever had! Luce makes everything seem so simple and goes through it over and over until you get it. One of the few professors I've had in the math/sci dept. that remembers my name and face. When you get a blank look on your face he'll ask if you need to see the subject matter again in a different way. I sought assistance on a few occasions and was always in the office and really explained everything in depth to me. Sometimes from abstract theory which wasn't discussed in class to the basis and straight into applitcations. I actually felt like my tuition dollars were well spent in going to his class. TAKE HIM!
9920012Prof. Luce teaches in an easy to understand fashion and is a fair grader. Definitely take a class from him if you can.
9920011good professor and a nice guy. lets u spend as much time as u need on the tests. i took calc 4 with lojasiewicz the first time and didnt do well. then i had luce for calc 4 and got an A.
9920011Professor Luce is the man. That about sums it up. He knows what he is talking about and communicates it extremely well to students. He answers questions very well, and his grading policies are very fair. Take him if you have the opportunity to.
9120004A real good professor. He knows the material and is not afraid to make a mistake. He is always willing to help when you have a problem. He made calc 3 seem so much easier than what i heard and dreaded.
9920003He is one of the best professor's on campus. Doesn't rush things if you don't understand. He will spend the whole class answering a question if he thinks that you still don't understand. His tests were not easy if you don't study but the questions are just like the homework so it's no big deal. Get him if you can!
9920003Adam West flies through Calc 4 material with a vigor never before seen. If you want to learn and increase the strength of your triceps at the same time, take this guy!
9520003Nice guy, teaches so you can understand it and answers all the questions you might have. Do the homework and you are set for the tests.
8520002Decent guy. Looks like Adam West. Enough said.
9920002YOU ARE LUCKY if you get this man as your calc teacher. He made calc easy for me. He cares a lot about students.
9520002Very good professor. Encouraged and answers questions.
9920002he's really cool...Identical twin of Adam West
8820002He was....interesting. He kinda looks like a goofy version of Robert Redford. Also, I think sometime in the early 70's, he was caught in a block of ice and then dethawed this year. (just check out his wardrobe) Sometimes his lecturing got boring, but he answers ALL questions at the beginning of class so no one gets behind. His tests were kinda challenging, but he gave us a lot of preparation for them.
6820002Long-winded, slow, boring, blah blah blah...His lecture was a sure was to induce extensive periods of sleep. Diff Eq wasn't too good w/him
9520002Cool guy, explains the stuff well, quizzes and tests are easy, had him for calc I
9520002Calc 2. Never did any work and still passed. You'd be a fool not to take him.
8520002Boring lectures, but you get the information you need.
9520001Very friendly. You can stay after his classes to ask questions and he cares about students. He uses REAL LIFE examples of how you can use calculus sometimes. One of the best math teachers I've had.
8820001Pretty good Calc teacher, messes up quite a bit, which is annoying when he come up with the wrong answer to a test question or a homework sheet, no graded homework, and his partial credit mostly means your not expected to know how to add.. probalbly because he doesnt, but its good cause if you make dumb mistakes he often overlooks them completely
9120001He teaches pretty good and answers questions well. he is fair with his tests and grading.