RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Rhys Price Jones

9920023Rhys Rocks!
9520012Very good professor. I had him for intro to cs theory... in my opinion one of the most dry and boring subjects around, yet he managed to keep me interested. He knows a great deal about the subject matter and it is a shame he doesn't teach more often in the cs department.
9520012He likes to think outside the box, and while this can be frustrating at first, its still pretty fun. =)

Just remember to do the labs outside of class and talk to his TA for tech help.
9520011Rhys has a very relaxed teaching style which works suprisingly well. Having been in the computing field since the dawn of time, he has a thorough background about how things in the field came to be.

I find both his labs and, suprisingly enough, his tests very enjoyable.
9520011A really smart guy who just thinks different. I learned an unbelievable amount of stuff from him.