RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Ryne Raffaelle

9120023he is a great teacher and makes the class really interesting...i was alwayz getting an A in the class but because i messed up exam 3..i ended up getting a B but i was really close to an A. i was pissed at him that time as i knew he really liked him and knew that i deserved an A but still ended up giving me a B....but overall he is a lovely professor..take him whenever you can. you got to study a bit thouh
9520023One of the most intelligent people I've ever met. Clearly knows physics inside and out and teaches the material very well. He is easily understandable and presents the material in an organized manner. Tests are very fair and he is more than willing to help students who are having trouble.
9520003Tests and quizzes are in the scope of his teaching- no huge curve balls. Homework gets graded funny sometimes, but he gives students examples (not just a problem, but he brings in things to do demos of physics problems). Definitely recommend him to anyone taking Physics.
9920002Possibly the best instructor at RIT!!!
9120002Good teacher and is willing to help you outside of class. Hard grader though
9920002Incredible teacher! He makes class fascinating and is very creative. He is a very reasonable teacher. The secret to acing his class is this: He makes his quizzes from the homeworks, his tests from his quizzes, and his final from his tests. He never deviates, he takes the homework and quiz questions and just changes the numbers, its great!
9920001Really Good Teacher.
Requored HomeWork Graded fairly.
looks like superman
9120001good teacher with a sense of humor. tests are fairly easy. nice personality. recommended