RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Raymond Scattone

9520012If you go to class and pay attention you should do well in his class. He is a pretty easy going teacher. Also if you study the handouts that he passes back, you should also do well. Gives out like 6 quizzes and 2 test, midterm and a final. Gives you extra credit to bring up your grade. Very understandable teacher.
9520012Great professor, fair grader
9920012Scattone is a great teacher. He makes class interesting, even at 10 am. He also gives out notes about the lecture, which makes the lecture easy to understand. I always learn something in a lecture.
I studied the night before the midterm and I got and A-.
8520011Other than the fact that he lectures quite a bit and thus is inconsistent to what I feel should be an ethics/philosophy class, there is little else that I can falt him with. The biggest problem is the lack of interaction from the class, even during the so-called debates. He might not seem to know a lot in regards to the topics and the areas that whatever discussions can diffuse into, but this assessment will prove mostly to be false.
9520011Knows his stuff and is interested in class participation. I liked his stimulating discussions.
8820003Lectures get a big long, but if you follow his study guides, you can get a definite A. Some topics are very relevant to some courses of study as well.
9920003Great Job Teaching and Lecturing! Pretty much an easy A if you pay attention and go to class.