RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Ron Vullo

8120023Nice guy. Helpful with class material. Likes to pile on projects and in class exercises but will ease students workload if it is brought to his attention. Grading is fair. Lecture should consist of more than reading off slides but it doesn't. I learned a lot from reading the book because material was missing from lecture. But not a bad professor overall.
7120023Had Vullo for 409 and did not enjoy the class at all. I learned a lot, but the lectures were very short with little explanation of the material. In class assignmnents were very confusing and convoluted. I learned the most from doing the projects on my own with online resources. If you can learn very well on your own, it's ok, otherwise, don't take him.
9520023he is a good professor with short lecture. i enjoy his class.