RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Ronald Vullo

6520023Had him for IMM was nice to me, until he killed my GPA. So I'm giving him the grade he gave me. He's one of the reasons that I really want to get out of IT. Read the other comments because their true.
6820023Yeah, everyone else's comments are pretty true. He lectures for about 20 mins then hands out the in class exercises. So if you can teach yourself the material you'll do ok, but otherwise, it sucks bigtime. There are definetly much better teachers out there.
9120023Vullo is a good teacher. Sure, his lectures are short, sure you have to learn the material on your own, but he knows his stuff and always helps out with any problems.
4820023his classes are ridiculous. you learn from in-class exercises and that's about it. the syllabus fails to mention crucial information that could affect your final grade in the class. avoid him at all costs
4820012I usually wait to the end of a course to report, but this web design class (737) is so bad I can't wait. Vullo doesn't teach and the syllabus is lame. If you can't avoid 737, at least choose a different professor.
4820012This guy can't teach an the sylabus makes no sense if you know basic html he isn't hard at all for the IMM (320) course.