RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Rebecca Edwards

8520023American History:
uses check mark system? so who knows what your grade really is. its up in the air and wasnt as high as expected. Overall though was a nice teacher and made the lectures very interesting
9120011She is a very fun professor to have early in the morning. The content of the class and the way in which she presented it made it actually interesting to listen to. I'm not even big on history. I had some family problems and she was very understanding about late papers, which was nice. The papers are in depth and are focused soley on outside readings. She grade for grammar, not content, which was pretty dissappointing. Once you realize that though, the class is fine. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about history, a great speaker too. She remindes me of Jerry Seinfeld...
6820011Uses a 'check' system to grade papers and then doesn't know how to use it when calculating final grades. Seems to make up her own grade when computing final grades. Even if you answer all questions on essay papers, she still gives low grades. AVOID!! If you must take her, have her proofread your paper before it's due. Otherwise you're playing roulette!!!
8120003Not fair on grading. Expects papers to be more than perfect. Makes Lectures interesting.
7520003WAAAAAAAAY too strict with grading written essays. Its only a liberal arts course not advanced literature for gods sake. Also STRIAGHT lectures put us all to sleep. Might wanna break it up a bit.
8820003Straight Lectures turn interesting Material into a boring Class. Actually not that difficult on essay grading.
9520003Very enthusiastic about teaching American history. Her funny gestures helped move the class along into better understanding and analyzing history. Students are graded on only papers and attendance. The papers are mostly based on grammar and less on your view. She'll accept your view as long as you argue for it.
9920002Excellent teacher! Very intelligent, I enjoyed the class!
9920002Perfect for Mod American history. Absolutely perfect, but you DO have to read a lot to keep up.
7520002Overall she was a good profressor but he class was horrible. The overall grade was based entirely on essays. This in itself is not bad, however the essays were based on out of class readings. These readings were not discussed in class till after the due date of the paper. You tell me, where is the motivation to go to the class ? ohh wait there is none..
9920002 I enjoyed her class so much...I really learned alot in the class plus no test just comprehension on a few papers as well as your opinion.. She's great.
9120002She was very organized in her lecture, but you have to read the material in order to do well in the class.
8520001No tests, which is great for a Mod American History class. Grades on papers you write, but she is more concerned with the grammer of the paper than the acutal content of the paper. My suggestion is to revise your paper as many times as you can
9520001History's not my thing but she made it interesting for me. She was tough on grading my first two essays, but apparently I must have done quite well with the last 2 (which I handed in the last day of classes) cause I was VERY surprised with my grade! Maybe she curved, who knows, but I'm not complaining!
9920001Excellent. She is the only prof that has ever made a hostory class interesting for me. She knows her material well, and has an excellent method and approach to getting it acoross to the students. I would recomend taking her class to anybody.
7819993Tests consist of approximately 10 short answers explaining certain terms,persons,events,etc. Very hard to Ace the tests,but her teaching techniques and organization are magnificant.