RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Rudy Pugliese

9920012Rudy is strait up one of the most real people I have met at RIT. Yes he has hang ups but that does not over shadow his genuine intelligence and blunt manner of speaking. Not to mention the honest way he handles his hair loss situation. ;)
8520012He's good.. likes talking about controversial issues. Pay attention to Jeopardy, but don't just study that.
8520012Very good professor, but very opinionated.
6120012he can be intersting, that's all I give him. If you attempt to challenge something he says at any point in the class, he will remember you and make you pay.he grades tests fairly because they are multiple choice, but he is an inconsistent paper grader. he thinks he is the smartest person alive, and makes comments about subjects outside of communications that he obviously knows nothing about
5320011Is not concerned about content or learning ability of the class. Repeats himself from class to class. Does not take time to meet with students. Loses materials and tests.
9520004As much as I heard about him before I was shocked at how good of a prof he is. I had a 4 hr twice a week mass comm course with him that he made fly. Tests were easy thanks to his jeopardy game
9520003Good professor. Keeps you thinking. Doesn't feel like you learn a lot during the course, but afterwards you realize how much you actually did learn.
5320003this guy is mean.
8820003Rudy can be rough, but so can life.
If you do your work you will be fine.
If you have "thin skin" and can take critism then don't take him
9520003He is a good professor, knows what he is talking about. He likes to play devil's advocate a lot, but he will get you thinking.