RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Roger R. Remington

5320023I believe this is the first time Remington has ever taught a second-year typography class, and I don't think he is well-suited for it. This pompous windbag is extremely arbitrary when it comes to looking at small, nitpicky details. Spends hours going over things that all look the same, and I think he would be better off teaching graduate students who actually appreciate his worldy knowledge.
7120012Roger's style of teaching isnt up to par with todays standards. its fine to sit in a class and listen to lectures but he could be alittle more lively with the material he chooses to present to the class.
9120003Works with you if you'll work with him. Good critiques. Effectively presents information. Maybe a little too vague on project requirements, but is flexible.
9920003Roger is one of the most intelligent and educated professors in his field that I have had here. He is a premier source in the design field on Design History. The connections and stories he has with famous historical designers is amazing.