RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Roy Czernikowski

5320023Had him for freshman seminar. Experience was not good. He does not treat all students equally.
6120023the only reason he doesnt get an F is cos he knows some stuff. otherwise he is the most un-helpful prof. i have ever encountered at RIT. doesnt teach anything. doesnt help u out if u ask him for help he ll tell u to go to the seniors or "seek help ! get help ! get the job done". i dont know why they let him teach introductory courses as he clearly can't bring anything to the table.
9920023Ive been here for 5 long years. And anyone whos been a CE as long as I have knows that our major is one of the toughest and must respected. This man is the main reason why our major is so great. He is a great teacher! Dont get me wrong he is a hardass, but if you cant take him go IT! His tests/papers/homework arnt that bad. As long as your not an idiot you should do fine with roy! :)
7520023I had him for freshman seminar. From what he had to teach for this 1 credit course, he seems to really know what he's doing, but they shouldn't let this man ANYWHERE NEAR freshmen. He has a serious attitude problem, gets genuinely angry if you ask him ANYTHING. The way he handles classroom procedures leads me to believe he has a serious hatred of those around him. However, his grading on the project seemed reasonable, but I think in the future I'd like a professor that tries to act less intimidating.
8820023I only had him for Freshmen Seminar, but I thought he was a nice guy. He got on everyone's case about frivilous things and he is really corny but hes a nice guy. From what I saw, he was very organized and thorough with explaining things. Ill consider taking him for a course in the future.
4820012Pain in the ass.
9920011Great friend outside of class if you get to know him. He genuinely cares for his students who have the will to succeed
4820003pompous, arrogant, and very unflexable..just doesn't seem to care about his students
8120002He has got an attitude problem. The very first day, he told us that he'd whack any student he found sleeping. He had such a tough exam for intro to CE!!!! that's nuts. He also co-taught my assembly language class. He wasn't really clear. He may know a lot... but it doesn't seem that way.
9120002He's a funny guy. Reminds me of John Aston. Don't BS him though, he'll call you on it. Tough prof. Makes sure you can apply all that knowledge he's given to you.
7520002I didn't know what he was talking about..
9120002Intense, but fair. He wants to help the students learn, and you can tell he enjoys teaching. Be careful on the tests, they're easy, but he's looking for TINY details. Can be absent minded at times. You learn a LOT, and class is never dull. Just be ready to hit the ground running.
9920002What a great guy. You can always go to him for help on anything. Strict but fare, knows his stuff.
9120002A great professor and a good friend outside class if you get to know him. Strict in grading and commitment to his classes, but by no means unfair. If you keep ahead of schedule, you'll have no trouble getting help from him despite his busy schedule, and he's always willing to help if he's free.
9920002Really nice guy, and really helpful anytime. No skipping classes or not paying attention, though. If he sees you looking confused, he'll try to help.
9519993Czernikowski is a very helpful and driven professor. He knows assembly well but is sometimes very busy. Grading is ok, and his attitude in lecture are somewhat helpfull at keeping you awake at times.
8519993good teacher, bad grader, needs to get a life/clue/laid maybe. always willing to help.