RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Roger Gaborski

5820023Need to stick to teaching his course and not do work which he is not good at.Attitude and egho problem, so better be careful to take a course under him.Else everthing is fine.
5320012Don't listen to the previous comments. Gaborski is a nice guy but assumes that every student has a programming background. I ended up with a B in his CS1 class but felt that I wasn't really solid on the material. The bottom line is that Gaborski played a huge role in my decision to switch out of the CS program after my first quarter in it. If you are already the nerdy programmer type, then you shouldn't have a problem... but stay away if you aren't.
9520012Gaborski rocks.
8520003Wasn t the most exciting to listen to, but covered the material pretty well and tested/graded fairly. (Well, all but one test at least)
9520003One of the best professors in the CS Department. Always willing to help.
9120002Actually, not a bad guy. He kept me interested in the course. Make sure the class speaks up though!
9920002Great lecturer for AI. Presents material in an organized and coherent manner. Lightens the mood of each class with a good sense of humor. Just be prepared for his tests because he makes you THINK.
8820001I only had him for lab, so he may be different in class. The trick is to get to lab a few minutes early. He often does a 5 minute lecture that gives several good tips. The weeks I got to lab on time and heard this mini-lecture, the labs were easier. He seemed very willing to help me and any other students, even if it took 20 minutes to answer our questions. When he wasn't helping students, he just sat at a computer, rather than looking over our shoulders as we worked, which I absolutely hate. Also, seemed pretty easygoing - didn't get upset if you were 10 minutes late.
9520001very good professor, you will learn what you need to know, fair grader and is more than willing to help students...a good bet
9920001Excellent Computer Science professor. Answers questions thouroughly and always comes to class prepared and ready to teach. I would recomment Dr. Gaborski to anyone!
9920001Caring, considerate, interesting, witty, intelligent professor. All questions are answered. He goes the extra mile!
9520001Great teacher. Although not the most interesting all the time, he really cares about the students. If you have problems, he is very approachable. Grades fairly and tests what he teaches.