RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Richard Tascione

9920023great teacher. great personality and sense of humor and covers material in great detail.
9120023Good teacher. Knows what he is talking about, and can explain concepts in a helpfull way that makes them easy to understand. Very helpfull when doing class work. Also gives a lot of quizzes, but drops the lowest 2 or 3 grades, making it very easy to still get a good grade even if you flunk 1 or 2 of the quizzes.

My only problem with him was that when grading quizes and tests, he seemed a little sporadic... he would take different amounts of points off each time for the same error...
9520023Yes, he seems hard at first, but that's only because he really expects you to succeed. You'll find out that he'll do whatever he can to help you reach the success that he expects. This is an ideal instructor.
So long as you want to do well, you will do well in his class.
I had him for Calc 1.
4820023Worst teacher ever! I was thrown into his calc3 class. He was rude, made you feel stupid for asking questions and often could not answer them anyway. The guy is an incompetent fool. Take David Hart!!!
9920012he is the best one. I had him for calc2 and registered for his class for 3. he covers the material so good that u dont have to read it for several times when u go home (if u take notes) he makes the subject easy.. DEFINETELY HAVE HIM FOR CALC
9120012A good teacher, a bit on the unhappy side sometimes, encourages students to work together.
8520012I learned by his examples in class, he is good at working through problems and every question on the tests/quizzes he goes over in class at one point or another so take good notes.
8820012Good teacher, cares about his students, answers questions well and is fair!
8120012Teacher belittles students
9120012Good professor. Was always helpful and open to students questions. A little weird personality but you can get over that.
9920012excellent teacher. Knows what he's talking about and is keeps you awake in class. Good guy and always tryies to help you out
9120011good professor. provides review sheets for the tests and the test werent too bad.
8820011He was alright. A little harsh in the beginning but he's not too bad.
8120011A nice guy if he likes you but is very irratic in grading. Drops lots of quizes but jumps around when he teaches ALOT! Can be confusing!!!
9520011i had Tascione for calc 2, do the homework and ask questions in class and you can get the A, good guy, funny little man.
9520011Great guy. Knows his stuff. And attitude-wise... he's kinda the opposite from Bautista who is also a great professor. Sometimes makes little mistakes but he gives a lot of help.
9920003By far, one of the best math teachers I've ever had. When you get to know him, he's also one of the nicest people out there - he definitely looks out for his students.
9920003on of my favorite teachers at RIT...
9520003This guy is almost exactly how everyone else explained him. At first you will think he is the biggest hard ass in the world, but later you will find that he is only hard on you because he wants you to do very well in his class. He is very intimidating sometimes but can also have good humor too. He is extremely thourough and as long as you pay attention and do some of the homework which is assigned (that doesn't have to be turned in) then you will find all of the quizzes and tests more than fair. He is very accomodating and will try to help you in any way he can. Definitaly a good choice for Calculus.
8120003He's a decent guy. He's strict, but teaches fairly well. He actually wants you to learn the material. If he sees that you're not paying attention or slacking off in his class, he'll pick on you. And if you are an attractive female, be ready to be flirted with by a 50 year old man.
9120003Easy grader and is goofy but still knows his stuff
9920003I think Tasione is an incredible teacher. He looks tough but he's really caring...you just have to get to know him. You really have to show him that you care and you are making an honest effort to do well. I had him for Calc II and I got an A in the class which I'm sure anyone could get with him as the teacher. I was going down hill but he helped me get back up. Oh yeah...girls...I was the only girl in the class...he slightly favors girls too..hehe! - Nim
9920002I think Tascione is the best! I did poorly in Calc 1 and the first day I walked inot his Calc 2 class he told me I shouldn't be there...but this guy's method of teaching really helped me, and now I'm doing quite well. He moves fast, but he will go out of his way to explain everything to you until you understand it. also, he is willing to come in early on test days...and stay late too. Great prof overall!
9520002Good Teacer!!
9920002Very good prefessor. Knew the material well and was very eager to help students. I had him last quarter for Calc 2 and would take him again for sure.
8520002The main thing I have wrong with Tascione is he can be a little belittling towards students. The guy is very marine-like, and tries to be intimidating. I thought he was an awesome A+ professor for Calc I, but I thought he was a horrible teacher for Calc III. He doesn't teach the more advanced stuff as well as he did in Calc I and made many mistakes. Great for Calc I ... may be a NIGHTMARE for calc III.
4820002Personally picked on Students in the class. Unusual grading scheme that could turn a B into an F at the last second, very easily, and then a "too bad" attitude. Genuinely unfriendly when asked for help.
9120002Remeber back in highschool when teachers tried to teach...that's what this guy does..he tries to teach you...even though I am now failing his class, I won't lie and say he is bad. If I was more motivated about my major, I would get an A in his class. Unlike the rest of the RIT proffesors, who don't know the word teach, but read out of a book, or a 10 year old overhead, this guy explains stuff to you.

All that other stuff about him bieng arrogant or mean..is true..but just laugh it off, its funny. You people need to stop bieng such sissies...your there to learn not, become his buddy. Plus - I think it's funnny.
BBoyE =)
9520002Funny guy, likes to think he's Emeril Lagasse. Good lectures, a little absent minded at times but does not mind being corrected. Tests are fair and not that hard, as long as you go to class and do homework occasionally your grade will reflect that.
9520002Good instruction. Fair.
9520002He is easily the best calc professor I had here. His tests were fair and he graded fairly too. He often encouraged participation and took time to learn names of the students. He occasionally made mistakes, had to correct himself, and sometimes seemed hurried, but he often got his point across to the students. I strongly recommend him if you wish to get a fair calc teacher.
4820002I had him for Clac. 3, Spring Quarter of last year. I could not stand the man. I only stayed in his class for three days. I feel that he is a arrogant idiot. DO NOT TAKE HIM FOR ANYTHING!!
9520002I liked his teaching style, he helps you out with any problem and will often stay after class if he feels he hasn't explained it enough. He's a fun teacher to learn from and he's funny too, he quotes Emeril alot. "Let's kick it up a notch!"
9520002I adore this man! Yes, he does kinda look intimidating or arrogant at first, but I don't think that he even realizes that students fear him... Inside, he's really a teddy bear. Stop by his office and at any time - whether he has work to do or not - he will help you with any of your questions that you didn't get in class. His tests are really fair (if not to say 'easy'). The only problem with him is that he teaches pretty fast, so you really gotta stay alert in class. To conclude - I would give anything to take another course with him, and I recommend him to you as one of the best and nicest math professors around!
9920002An excellent Calc 2 teacher. Easy quizzes and tests. He answers questions properly. Recommended
9920001This guy is a great great great calculus professor. He reminds me of an absent-minded scientist, always forgetting things in his office and such, but he really knows his calculus. Best of all, he is a really fair grader, and his tests are really fair. If you show him that you're trying, he will make you happy. He also gives out review sheets before every test, and the test problems usually end up being very similar to the review sheets.
7520001Not an awful professor, but certainly not the best. His instruction can be rather vague. He is very knowledgeable, and an excellent pick if you're a very math-oriented person. If you are a poor math student, however, he may leave you in the dust. Be willing to work for your grade if you take him.
9520001His personality is different, it takes a little getting used to, but he is a good guy overall.