RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Rick Stone

4820023Worst Professor.....DO NOT TAKE HIM .....TRY TO AVOID
8520023This guy knows his stuff, but has a bad attitude, and knows the fact that all the girls and non-hetero guys are stareing down at his pants. Guy's c0ckier than a non-hetero club though, better know your stuff for him and his tests though
9920023If want to learn and understand take a class with Professor Stone...Excellent Teacher!!
9920023Prof. Stone is very smart but at the same time caring and committed to his students. Not to mention he's easy on the eyes.
7520023High and mighty, a know it all, both on campus and if you happen to catch him around town.
9520023great teacher, knows his stuff and teaches fun classes while he jokes around with you so you don't even realize that your learning anything. he will pick on you though if you deserve it, so if you are going to make a fool out of yourself and you have thin-skin you might want to pick another prof. Overall a great teacher, you will learn a lot.
9920023Professor Stone rocks. He is always willing to help you outside of class. As far as the cocky thing goes I don't know what you people are talking about. Just cause hes not a nerd teacher doesnt mean that you gotta tear him up. Give the man a break, he's one of the few cool people left here.
8520023Knows what he is talking about, however he is not very nice to some students. Seems to be fair but VERY unorganized in grading. Gave 100% on all lectures without looking at them so studying was hard. You will learn in the class, but be aware of the attitude.
8820023Very easy to understand. Willing to work with students, even outside of class.
6820012The man knows his material, and can definitely explain it well... but as others have said he is very cocky and acts like he's smarter than the class. The books are useless, if you don't take VERY good notes you will definitely fail the tests since they're based on his lectures, which in turn are boring. Smart guy, bad attitude.
6820012The reason I am giving this grade is because of Stone's attitude. This man is seriously cocky and needs to have a reality check in the way he talks to and treats some of his students. As far as the 340 class he taught, if you study, you will do well. You do have to study quite a bit, though.
4820012this teacher is absolutely terrible. he thinks he is a know-it-all and has the worst teaching techniques i've ever come across. He may know a lot but has a horrible attitude with his students and is very uptight. I dont think he ever had a real job besides teaching.
7520012So who thinks that he's cute. I'm dying to know.
9920012Smart guy. Makes the IT program the best on campus.
4820012This guy may be a stud, but his teaching blows. Seriously, can you have a worse intelectually stimulating guy? What is he doing here anyway?
7820011Had Professor Stone for 341 Lab. He's a little green, I'm not sure he ever worked in the real world. I think he knows quite a bit about hardware, but has a difficult time communicating or teaching the material.
8520011i had him for 340 lab. young dude. he has a very strong/intimidating "i mean business!" type of attitude. his bark is worse than his bite though. he's an ok guy.
7820011I had Stone for a 340 Lab, and he was ok, but fairly unprepared and he didn't always quite get what he was trying to teach. I wouldn't expect much more from a lab teacher, but if he's the same in lectures, i'd stay away.
8820011Prof. Stone was a decent professor for 340. Lecture was a little boring sometimes, but he was always excited about what he was teaching and always willing to help you outside of class. Also, the tests were only 30% of the final grade, so it was easy to get an A if you did your work. Sometimes he could be kind of mean, but he's cute enough to make up for it. :)