RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Richard DeMartino

9520012Lots of work, but lots of learning. Has a lot of info to share and makes it interesting. Fun and lively presentations. Really knows his stuff but doesnt drone about it or show off. Very available to help students almost anytime. No hiding or sleeping in his class.
9120012Dr. DeMartino is a wonderful teacher, but very demanding. He expects a lot from you. Be prepared to spend at least 7 hours of your week doing homework and projects for this man. His classes were interesting and fun, and he is willing to help you whenever he can. He tends to get off topic sometimes easily, but be patient. I'd recommend him to my friends.
7520012Too much work and too flighty- Big distraction. Too fast and skips around too much. Maybe too much coffie. But real nice guy