RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Raman Unnikrishnan

4820012Electrical Engineering Dept. Professors Suck! ALL OF THEM!!!
4820011He gets an F because he left to be the EE dean of some other, crappy school.
8520002I was pleasantly surprised by his teaching ability. Until taking his class, I had a very low opinion of him, but he is a very good teacher.
9920002Excellent TEACHER!! Not very personable otherwise but in the classroom he is very good and his teaching shows it.
9120002odd sense of humor, great teacher, though very challenging lectures, expects you to know everything from the prerequisite classes without him even needing to aknowledge that they exist (expects a lot to be done "by inspection" - ie using things you learned 2 years ago and forgot). Brush up on your prerequisite materials and pay attention in class and you'll do fine
9920002This teacher is the bomb. Says hi everytime I see him in the hallway, asks me out to lunch whenever I am free. Was generous enough to lend me his car when mine was in the shop!
9519993Don t knock him until you ve had him in the classroom. As a teacher he is awesome!