RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Richard Chu

8820023Chu would get an A, but he is too disorganized. He forgets things, and changes assigments around constantly. His lectures are good, but just be sure to keep up to date on the assignment changes (don't go by the syllabus)
7520023Here's the deal with Chu, he knows his stuff (been teaching for 40 years), but he doesn't know how to present it. During his lectures, he goes of on tangents, he's also very loud for such a small man. My problrm with him is that he doesn't tell you exactly what he wants you to study for on his test. He just says study the sheets which are about 20 years of history, and the from the sheets he has aboust 15 questions with about 30 fill in the blanks. He just needs to specify more about, what exactly it is he wants us to study. Also, he needs to learn how to talk to students. He has a tendancy to call his students stupid, if you don't know something that he thinks that you're supposed to know. I recommend that you flip a coin, heads you don't take him tails you do.
6520023Dr. Chu is an easy good grade because he wants you to get a good grade, and in turn makes him look good. He gives you and infinite amount of chances to write a paper or do a test to get at least a C. Sure thats all nice and dandy but the guy can't put a 5 word sentence together, and yet thinks he knows what a "good paper" is. He is the only professor that has had a problem with my writing. This guy is also one of the most ignorant people I know. He made countless remarks singling out both deaf and foreign students, basically saying they weren't as smart as other students. Don't volunteer any answers either, because he'll respond basically saying, "what were you thinking!". Make you feel stupid for trying. He wants you to memorize EXACTLY what is on his notes. Doesn't matter how well you know the stuff, if you don't put it his way, he doesn't give you points for it. If you want an easy grade where all you have to do is memorize, go for it, but you'll just be frustrated with a complete imbecile. Oh yeah.. i got an A in the course too!
5320023Professor Chu is hands down the worst professor i've had since coming to RIT. I had him for Communist China. In class he moved very fast and spent more time talking about how many trips hes made to china on RITs behalf or Xerox or Kodak etc... I sought help from him numerous times. Once i asked him what a good paper was and too all of my questions he would respond "a good paper is a good paper". I had no idea what that meant or what he expected from me. His tests were all essay and were very subjective. It seemed like unless covered everything verbatim from what he said in class you could not get higher than a C. I would AVOID THIS PROFESSOR LIKE THE PLAGUE.

I got a B in his class after spended over 20 hours a week outside of class studying.
7520012seems to think that you can either remember info, are to lazy to remember it, or your just "stupid"
8120012He's a good teacher.. knows his stuff and seems like he really wants you to know it also. But when it comes to his tests it's all memorization. For the first test I studied a lot.. reading all the chapters and went over his handouts. When I took the test it was all about memorizing EXACT words that are on his handout. Once you figure this out you only have to study about an hour to moemorize the damn handout. Attendance for his class is mandatory too.. not cool.
9120012Not very stimulating at all! But he's been teaching "fouty year"! Yes I've heard that phrase over 100 times furring the course of the lecture meetings! It's so easy to get a decent grade in his class but he does make it tought to get an A. if you fail a test you can make it up as many times as you want until you pass it! If you're getting married you get an A! and just remember this man has been teaching fouty year!
8820011nice person.....not really strict and a good grader...so i kinda like him
7820011a pretty bad professor. He's getting old. Doesn't make any effort to support the students. Makes you feel dumb if you don't answer exactly how he wants it. Class is easy though. summarize chapters (doesn't have any weight on grade though) and 2 tests and a non cumulative final. His grading is not that great though. Takes off points for not wording it exactly how he wants it! But if you do well on the papers then he counts about 80 as an A, and 70 as a B. Hands an outline for each topic and tests are based on those and a video he shows. He tells you what will be on the exam. The worst part though, is that he deducts 4 points off your final grade for cutting class! He takes attendance when not a lot of ppl show up. The way he talks is entertaining. The only way to do bad is not study for the exams and not doing the paper. Just go to class.
9920011Hands down the Most Interesting and Easiest Professor in the History Department. He knows his material and explains it extremely well. Tests are easy because the answers are on the sheets that he hands out. He even gives you some of the questions on the test. His only homeworks are to summarize a couple of chapters in the book. I had him for European History, China + Japan History. If your sick of boring classes then take him.
5320004HORRIBLE, he spends the whole class telling you you're stupid inless you answer his questions in EXACTLY the words he wants, Not understanding of LDs at all, so if you have an LD, i don't recomened him, but then again i wouldn't recomend him to anyone
it's practicaly 10 pages of MEMORIZATION, per test, so if you're good at memorizing and regurgitating, have fun, otherwise stear clear
9520003He was a funny guy through class. Quite full of himself but the class was EASY . He gave you what was coming on the 3 tests he had. All you had to do was learn from his notes and it would be an easy 'A'.
9520002Hard to fail this one. Good guy. Doesn't want people to fail (a true rarity)
9120002He has a crazy attitude towards life in general which keeps your attention... easy grader
8520002if you do the work it isn't bad, and he lets you know whats on the test the day before. His book is reasonable and his only hmwk is to summarize in three double-spaced pages chapters in the book so its not hard if you do it.