RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Robert Chung

8120023Are you wis me? At least we're all his "friends"
4820012Chung is a cocky piece of trash
4820011Chung has to be the worst teacher at RIT. He's cocky, he is no help to your questions, and has sh*tty english. He makes the stupidest f*cking references to sh*t that has nothing to do with the subject. AVOID taking his classes at all costs.
9920003A teacher that really make you think. I you like easy useless classes, dont take mr. chung. But if you like to learn things usefull for your professional life, many of his courses are very good.
7520003Uses students too much. Intelligent professor but has difficulty being personable and open minded. Wants to be a world leader too much.
6120002It's unfortunate that a Professor with as much knowledge and experience as Professor Chung has to be so pompous. After having my intelligence questioned the first time I asked him a question, I found him very unapproachable ever since.
6820002He forgets he has class. Shows distance learning tapes because he doesn't want to come to class, or is on a trip. Is entirly unapproachable for any reason. He was suposed to be my advisior and my 2nd week at RIT he told me I would never graduate because the classes I had weren't the first ones I was suposed to take.(this actually was never a problem, and I almost left RIT because of it) Although he does know his topics, he either talks above or below the class, and seems to pride himself in avoiding questions rudely or answering in terms he knows we don't understand.
5820001Chung is very knowledgeable, but can't get his points across. He is very difficult to understand and is not concerned with his students understanding him. He is rude when students ask questions, and has called it wasting his time.