RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Sohiel Dianat

9920023This guy is simply a great teacher and a great guy! I recomend you taking him! His tests are hard but he grades easy. His homework is easy but you learn alot!
9920011Awesome teacher! Very energetic and has a good teaching style.
9120003Very simple class. The stuff he does in class is almost always, if not everytime, the same thing the homework is for the next week. Not very easy to understand but for the class he taught, it wasn't that hard.
9520002Great guy, very reasonable HW, tests and outside classroom assignments.
6820002You can barely understand a word he says.
8520002Good professor. Well organized and his classes are well thought out beforehand. Only had a 1-credit class with him, so the 1-hour homework a week was reasonable. Available and approachable outside of class hours too.
9519993Good instructor, definitely high energy in the classroom.