RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Serge Lawrencenko

9920003SERGE LAWRENCENKO ROCKS!!! the BEST professor i've had at RIT... hes fun and makes math easy to learn... GO SERGE!!!
9920003Lawrencenko is the best teacher for math. He knows a lot and presents the material very well. If you want a good teacher for calc, see Surge.
9920003Most Enthusiastic Professor on campus!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9120003This professor is one of a kind. You can never fall asleep in class because it's so interesting to watch this guy teach. I had him for Calc IV and the class couldn't have been any easier. I'm still trying to figure out how he grades test but whatever he does, he grades them highly in favor of the students. The only grades I had were the three tests and final. He gives a review sheet for each test and final that points out in the book which problems will exactly resemble what each question will be based on. You basically have the test in your hands with that review sheet. He's definitely a goofy guy but he's really easy. I highly recommend.
9520002He's pretty funny, goes strictly by the textbook, and gives lots of extra credit for finding his mistakes.
8120002This guy has a screw loose, a smart guy but pretty easy to trick.