RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Stephanie Maxwell

5320023awful filmmaker. Awful teacher. She is a waste of your tuition money
9920011Great teacher
4820004Where to begin.. sigh....

0. NOT a teacher for new and state of the art experimental animation techniques.. unless one favors Flip Books! (you know.. those things we used to do in grade school)
I mean come on... This is the 21st century.

1. Tends to favor those who relate to her outdated methods and obviously usless techniques in modern animation.

2. While she does have some neat ideas, most are befuddled and scrambled by whatever dope she has taken for that day.

3. If your not favored, forget about getting prompt responses or have her ever being on time for a meeting.

4. Is a total detrement to other students abilities to grow and experiment with (current, and understood modern techniques) if they go agains't what she is currently teaching.

5. Has a frequent tendency to take a studnets idea and forcing them into doing it HER way...

6. Has not come off to myself as a good "Teacher" because of her "flightyness" in her lectures and unrelating examples.

7. Euphorism or how ever one spells it will give anyone an A in her class just because "SHE" can relate.

8. I dont need to go on... those who know her.. will understand.. those who give her an A in this are the chosen Favored ones... or they are her "suppliers" so.. frankly.. To HECK with her Tenureness!

Track me down if you wish administrators but i have the 1st amendment on my side this time.

So.. you decide.
6520003I was lost by her direction and found the way out myself.

I hope that she's not lost too.
That would be a great lost in deed.
8520001Professor is very knowledgeable about the creative rocess and always has a lot of ideas
7120001Tends to ramble on off topic during seminar classes. Poor time management during class.
7520001Has interesting things to say, but she is a horrible teacher. She has no sense of time management and can provide no realistic imput towards student works because she doesn't seem to grasp the realities of prdoucing a student work.