RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Sam McQuade

9920023Sam McQuade is by far the most thought provoking and excellent teacher I've ever taken at RIT. No one is more connected and more motivated to teach than Sam McQuade. Computer Crime was a great class, certaintly the best I've ever had at RIT. He does demand that you do alot of reading and look at the big picture. Most people say the exams are impossible and very difficult; that is only the case if you do not study well. Grant it, you do need to know everything he talks about and you read, but it's all fairly straight forward. Sam is an extremely tough grader when it comes to the papers, so do your self a favor and start early on the paper!
6120023Very unprofessional... gives us a presentation, thats worth 20% of our grade... Then after I and others work our ass off to present with countless group meetings... he cancels presentations and allows a one page paper submission on the presentation...one of which I created the standard for, so not only did I do his stupid presentation. But I also did the 1 page handout submission... while others skated by with ease not having to present at all. WTF is grading worth if your gonna change the standard for the f*cking grades?

learn how to teach.
9920023The single most enjoyable professor I've had in 4 years here. I actually wanted to g to class because not only is he a good teacher but he's a riot as well. he makes himself very available and showed more than 95% of professors that he wanted you to learn. Made it very easy to go to for help and questions, as I am usually too proud to ask teachers for help. I rue the day when someone has something bad to say about McQuade. Without a doubt, my favorite teacher in 4 years, and not even in my major.
8520023Overall not bad, a good amount of reading to keep up. Mid term is easy and just have the notes for the final its all in there.
9920023I had him for Computer Crime. He is a thought provoking teacher that strives to give you the education you deserve for the tuition you pay. Very interesting lectures.
9920012This is by far the best teacher I've ever had. If you don't like to be challenged in class to think on your own then don't bother taking him. However if you do like a challenge then I highly recommend Sam McQuade. He also makes this topic interesting by incorporating real life experiences into the learning environment so it's not just the normal boring lecture. He is also the most available teacher I've ever had. He is more than willing to help students outside of class. He is the only teacher I've had that deservs an A+!
9920012great professor! very fair guy and his lectures are both enjoyable and valuable. has great ideas and visions for the future of information security and computer crime related courses at rit.