RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Sharon Warycka

9520023Great in written argument
8820012Really wants you to understand. She will try to avoid asking qustions to the students unless she wants opinionated responses. I'd given her a higher school had she not graded so meticulously on my essays. I had a friend just get A's for his essays, and when I read them, it was worst than mine!
8520012Good teacher, bad person. She really knows her stuff and knows how to teach, but sometimes can just be tough to handle. Hard grader.
9120011Before in High School, I really hated English but for some reason this is one of my more enjoyable classes. Even though she may sound strict, she's not that bad.
7520003Wants you to learn the material and will help you as much as you need,
However she expects too much of everyone. Gives a lot of home work
9520003Vrey interesting prof. she knows alot about her subject. What i really liked about her class was that she really wanted us to learn, and she really cared about helping us learn.
6820002Avoid this teacher if you hate liberal arts. Though she is a lenient grader, seems to be WAY too into literature(especially sonnets).
Most of the class is alotted for far-streteched analogies, anecdotes, and what she would do if she were the director/actor (seems to be her dream career). Belabors insignificant points to death.