RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Steve Kurtz

9920023Best IT prof I ever had, teaches well, information sticks with you, very fair grader, Only downside is that he's too lenient with slackers but that sometimes works out to your advantage.
9920023Phenomenal Professor. Best I've had yet. Always willing to help you in class and during office hours. Very enthusiastic. =)
7120023This teacher cannot communicate well. He knows his stuff, but doesn't know how to teach it. I had him for Programming I and II, and I learned nothing. He seems like he is very nervous in front of the class. Never received any grades back!
9520012Kurtz is a reasonable professor. He will meet with you in office hours and make sure you understand. his knowledge of director is huge and he encourages questions about the project and loves doing examples.
8520003Kinda' scatterbrained, but very knowledgeable on the subjects at hand.
4820003This professors complete and total lack of caring and respect for students reflects poorly on both the IT department and RIT as a whole. Be advised that this professor has neither the time nor the inclination to give you the education that you are paying for. His ability to communicate course material is pathetic. If you HAVE to take a class from him buy a book and read it, because that is the only way you will learn it!!!!
9920003one of the best teachers in the IT department!
4820003Doesn't know how to teach, just expects that you know everything. Has no respect for students at all. Never willing to give you any help. AVOID AT ALL COSTS
9120003Liked this teachers class. The lectures provided more than enough information to get the projects done without asking for help. When I did need help, prof Kurtz was helpful in answering my questions.
6820003Very ignorant. For lab he would spend literally half of the class helping one individual on a project then wouldn't give anyone else the time of day. I didn't learn anything in his class at all. He seems to be completely out of touch with what's prominent in the multimedia industry. One of my main memories of Professor Kurts was one project he assigned which involved the use of sound applications. We had deaf students in our class, and he made them work on the project too. I sat and watched as they felt completely helpless while he criticized them because he had the same expectations for them despite their inabilities. He made it seem as if it was their fault and that was wrong. If I was lucky enough to get assistance from him, he would pretty much try to shrug me off like I was some parasite. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate the professor situation over in the IT department and get rid of lousy teachers such as Kurtz, Jacobs, Leone, Lasky, et al. so we can actually get our money's worth.
6820002He is never available to students. He is always working on something else and is always trying to rush you out of his office. I will never take him again.
9520002Excited about subject matter. Don't take that simple fact for granted.
9520002The guy knows his stuff, makes class fun and is friendlier than most profs. I've had
7520002He is an alright professor. I had him for IDM and I think half the reason i hated the class so much was that all we did was sit there and watch him mess around with director. Not a very effective way to learn.. But anyway he takes way to long to get your stuff back and never responds to e-mail. His office hours are extremely limited so it's pretty much impossible to get ahold of him if need be.
8520002interested in having students learn...
however, you won't get back projects/papers for a VERY VERY VERY long time.
5320002I had this teacher for my IDM Lab and he was horrible! He'd spend 20 minutes with one person, while the rest of the class had their hands raised waiting for help. He became too involved in one students work, and often went too deep into a simple question which tied up the whole lab.
9920002He's a really nice guy... very helpful and is an expert in what he does. He's really excited about what he's teaching. For our class he was really prompt in returning back assignments
4820001Doesn't know anything about Multimedia. Such a boring, silly guy.
9920001This guy can make programming interesting and understandable to a non-programmer. I have never learned so much in such a short time.
9920001The best professor in the IT department.
7820001His propensity for not returning project grades until 4 weeks after you turn them in leaves a student wondering how he/she is actually doing in the course. It's week 10 and I still haven't seen some of my grades yet...
8820001Good professor. Knows his stuff. Only complaint I have is that it takes a while to get back grades.