RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Steve Zilora

8520023It was difficult to pay attention in Professor Zilora's database class because he talks very slowly and pauses all the time. I agree that he really knows what he is talking about, but I just wished that he would go a tad faster. It seemed as though he'd take a whole class period to go over concepts that we could have learned by reading over the slides for 15 minutes. However, if you're not completely clear on some concept, he will gladly go over it again, and his lectures are easily understandable and clear. Overall a very nice man, but he should talk a little faster! :)
8520023He is ok.
8820023Contrary to comments by the "ansomniac", I thought that Zilora did a good job of keeping the class awake using simple in-class exercises to keep us involved. His tests hit all the details, and tend to be multiple choice. He puts all his notes online, and the tests come straight off of them. He is flexible but fair. Not easy, but no student has an excuse to fail.
9520023I really liked the two classes I took with Steve Zilora. It's nice to have somebody who is just out of industry and not somebody who has no clue as to what is really going on. He lectures were interesting becasue he always had good examples of theories he was teaching. Tests/assignments were definately more than fair.
9920023Very good professor! He knows the stuff very well and he made Java easier to me.
7520023A real know it all on, but otherwise ok. Like most RIT professors, claims to have "seen it all" in the "real world" ('cause none of the students ever worked at a real job) and has some skewed views of the workings of the world, which he imparts during some of his lectures. Makes his assignments (which are easy) due at times that are really off the wall, though was pretty understanding of everyone being late due to a winter storm. Not bad, but I've had better. See if Oyzon or Irving are teaching instead.
5320023Bring a pillow with you to class. This guy will put the ansomniac to sleep.
9120023Zilora is a really nice guy with a lot of industry/real life experience which helps him to relate what were doing to the outside world. He was a little dry but the material itself is dry so he does the best he can. If you have truoble with some of the concepts, which i did, he is a great help during office hours. all around nice guy and good professor
9920023Excellent professor. Really cares about students, and makes the best of a dull class.
7520012New teacher and it shows ... 2 hour class without a break (no biggie tho), all powerpoint (background is BSOD blue on them too), often ambiguous in wording and puts odd restrictions on things at times.