RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Swaminathan Madhu

8820023He's a definite hard-ass when it comes to grading, but you will learn a LOT. His lectures will grab your attention if you are interested in the subject.
9920023Dr.Madhu, if you're reading this, know that 95% of the students ADORE you! The other 5% never showed up to class.

I am very upset that I got a B in Electronics I. That had to do with me being a stupid ass and not being adapt to taking Dr.Madhu's *LONG* tests. That's my only quarrel with him, you have enough time for the tests if you know precisely what to do. If you waste 10 minutes thinking about a problem, you are in trouble.

Nevertheless, I must admit Dr.Madhu is, hands down, the best professor I have had at RIT in 3 years.

Thank you.
9920023Madhu has got to be one of the best teachers on the RIT campus. His tests are quite hard, but he gives you formula sheets. The formula sheets contain everything needed to pass the test if you've done the HW. He requires drawings for every problem, and will not give any credit for a problem without a drawing. I got a B in his Electronics course and I learned more than in any other class.
9520023the only thing I have against Madhu is his tests are really hard. other than that, I highly recommend this professor
9520012Very smart teaching at his subject, if you don't understand something he'll adapt his explanation so you can understand it, Only problem is his strict grading policy, doesn't give much partial credit and his test are moderately hard if you consider the fact that the answers should be gotten his way (ex. the answer in Sum of products form instead of Product of sums, which is the same thing just in different forms). I recommend if you take him to read the book and do all his practice Hws
6520012Hes a VERY good teacher when it comes to teaching,however if you arent on task, the penalties are high. If you miss 1/2 assignments here and there, no big deal, BUT anymore than that can screw you BIG TIME
4820012Fu(king Su(ks!!!!!!!!!!!!
9920011His lectures are very good. If you do the homework (which takes some time) you will learn what you need to know for the test and to understand the material. He has a system of quizes where you do about a homework a week, usualy get part of it wrong. Then you study the solution sheet he gives you, and you're prepaired for the test
9920011Madhu is the best professor at RIT, hands down.
9520011If you pay attention and do ALL the homework (not just the ones you hand in) you will pass. You'll probably do much better in fact! A true asset to the EE department.
9920011If knowledge is power, then Dr. Madhu is 240 micro-farad capaciters at full capacity.
9920004Best professor I have had. He knows his stuff and has written books to back it up. Willing to help outside of class or even available just to chat. I have had him 3 times now, received 3 A's and came out understanding all the course material. Definitely take him if you have the chance.
9920002I am taking him for Electronics I this quarter and I agree that whoever gave Dr. Madhu an F is just way off. Definitely the best prof in the EE department. Funny guy and he's a walking electronics book. Your grade is earned, but very very fair and class with Madhu is actually fun. i would also take Madhu for every class in the curriculm if I could. MADHU ROCKS!!!!!!
9920002EXCELLENT teacher, but extremely tough tests. Procedures and formulas mean nothing at exam time, its how much you UNDERSTAND the material.
9520002Hard tests but you learn more in his classes than any others.
9920002Madhu is the best teacher in this school. He is the only teacher I had thus far that teaches without the aid of the textbook. I earned a B in his class, which is the lowest grade I recieved in EE and I still know I learned more in his class than in any other. If you came to school to learn take Madhu, if you came to school for any easy A, then you are just adding to the retention rate problems.
9520002By far, the best teacher in the department. You will have to work for your grade, but you will know the material very well after taking his class. He is also the most personable professor that I have ever taken.
9920002By far the greatest professor in the EE department, bar none. His exams are damn challenging but you will walk away from the class with alot of knowledge on the subject material. A great character in the class room. The ONLY professor on campus to be taken at 8am in the morning.
9520002Awesome professor, you will learn a lot in his class, however you will not get a grade reflecting what you know... he doesn't seem to believe in partial credit, and the tests are exceptionally complicated and lengthy.
A+ for teaching
C for grading
7120002Very smart Professor! You learn a lot but the tests are difficult! Not very good on partial credit. If you don't do it his way, you do not get much credit, even if it is right! It's too bad that a 2 hour period of testing is the only way he thinks shows how much you have learned.
4820002Does not offer help to students when homework problems are hard to understand
9920002Madhu is the man. For an old guy he really knows how to teach. He is not boring and makes the boring content reasonble. He has a great sense of humor, always making fun of his age. I would take him for every class if i could. He teaches the reasons behind the laws that are taught very strnuously. He emphasizes that this is what distinguishes engineers from technologists and will allow growth in the field of electrical engineering as technology changes. Whoever gave him an F deserves to be shot. Remember.. most of these grades are given in reaction to a grade received from him... so take everything woth a grain of salt.
9919993He is a very good professor, always available to students. His teaching style is very straight forward: if you do the homework, you will do well in the class.
9919993Madhu ROCKS! I never had him as a professor, but that didn t stop him from helping me when I asked him. He actually knows my name.