RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Sannasi Ramanan

9920023I think this prof.Ramanan, is a good Prof. with strong basics about his subject.If you can keep up with his class and WORK...u can be at a good standing.
4820012Electrical Engineering Dept. Professors Suck! ALL OF THEM!!!
4820012Whoever said this *** was friendly is totally wrong. He's rude and doesn't care if you pass or fail...AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS!!!
5320012This teacher was the worst EE teacher when I took him the first time, which was for circuits II. I just took him for semiconductor electronics and nothing has changed. He is still boring, is no help at all inside or outside of class, is not a consistent grader. And to top it all off, he's the biggest cock you will ever come across. I originally gave this $hithead a C-, but had to change it to an F after the second time around.
6520012Hope you have taken this class three times before taking it with him. He expects you to know everything, and don't even think about asking a question, because he will make you feel stupid
5320011This professor is absolutely horrible. He is one of the worst teachers that I have had at RIT, he is a a-hole to students and never answers questions.
7120011Expects you to be a genius. Not all that helpful when questions are asked, and his quizes tend to be unfairly difficult. Tests weren't too, bad but his final was Satan incarnate. He's also rather boring for most of his lectures, but occasionally is rather humorous.
7120004Be sure you can devil up a yaycee equivalent circyoot and that you have great expert ice with the yay circyoot. This guy insults students who ask questions and you can't read his solyootions at all. I would avoid this guy like the plague.
6520003Extremely unhelpful, both in and out of class
6520003A friend of mine said it best when he described him as "Human Nyquil" ... he will put you to sleep- he even said it was ok to sleep in class once- very boring but a nice guy- he does give solutions to all the homework but does not do a good job of teaching to begin with. I have had better but have had much worse also. Madhu rocks!
8820002Fair teacher
8520002He is not the best teacher, but he is friendly, gives solutions for everything, and his tests are straight forward.
7119993He taught his class from the textbook, does not encourage questions, and is not generally helpful outside of class.