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Ratings for Sharon Getschmann-Mason

9520023I had Mrs. Mason for 241 (data com). I would recommend her to anybody who wants to learn. She's not too tough of a teacher, the homework is straight out of the book. Tests are pretty easy too - if you study. They're mutliple choice and short answer. All around good teacher:)
8120023Ok, knows her stuff, but not very impressive.
8520023She knows her stuff very well in terms of networking. Also, she gives extra points if a question on the exam is written improperly.
9520012She's good.. she means business, but why is that bad? You learn a lot about what she knows and the labs. She consistently encourages experimenting on your own, so obviously she isn't going to know everything about these protocols. Don't talk during class and turn off your cell phone.
4820012Clears throat every 5 seconds, gives too many notes in too little time, made errors on every test she gave.
5320012Professor Mason knows a very little bit about a very narrow range of topics. Her teaching style is similar to that of a grade-school teacher, in that she keeps order by demeaning students using personal attacks. She doesn't really teach well, unless you can learn from hundreds of overhead slides that are switched every few seconds. Not even enough time to copy them, or absorb what they say. Her demeanor is very cold and she doesn't seem to care about the students. She talks a good deal about her "other jobs", which makes me feel as though teaching isn't a real passion for her - and it shows. Mason assigns an inordinate amount of work (I had her for 341), sometimes not even relavent. If you are looking for a teacher who will belittle you every chance she gets while giving you mindless busy work, then Mason is the one. If you are here to learn, look elsewhere.
6120012i had her for 341. The tests she gives out are extremely difficult. i read all the chapters and went to every one of her class but still ended up with a D. I guess if you aleady have a background knowledge you will do ok in the class. I think she definitely has her favorites. so suck up to her i guess. other than that, i think 341 just have insanely large amount of works.
9520012Sharon is a great teacher for those who are serious about class. She makes you work to learn the material and won't spoon feed u the information. Very helpful in the lab setting and gives you hints to help track down the correct answer instead of telling you. Very business like and demands respect in the classroom.
9520011Very fair teacher
6120011She's an OK teacher...the read the overhead to you in class kind. Usually able to answer student's questions but when she can't, class turns into a discussion, and someone's usually able to help. In the rare instance no one knows, she actually DOES research the question and answer next class. The amount of work for her 341 class is truly insane, however. DO NOT get rid of your VB book. The programming project in this class is totally antithetical to any good programming style taught in the old VB courses. In addition to this horrrid project, you have to do a six to eight page SINGLE SPACED term paper. That's about 12 to 15 pages of text. Oh yeah, then there was the quiz on the last day of class. On material she had sorta taught the class before. Get someone else if you can.
9120011Had her for Data Comm...boring class, but she made it better than it could have been.
6520011Prof. Mason is a tough teacher to rate. I took Prof. Mason for Data Communications and Networking. She DOES NOT cover all the test material in class. She doesnt bother to mention a large portion of it, then tests you on it. It is impossible to know what she considers important enough to test and what isnt. Very frustrating.

She is taken off guard and often appears insulted if someone points out that she is incorrect.

Notes are given primarily using overheads taken directly from the text book. A good portion of the test questions were also taken from the review in the back of the book. I suspect this is why the tests are so inconsistent.

Avoid her if you can, be prepared to work your butt off if you cant.
8120011Not a bad teacher, but not a great teacher. Had her for Data Comm. She knows her stuff but expects you to work. Definately plays favorites. The paper is a bad work to lay on us. It didn't have to be single spaced! Wish we had more to base our grades on than the software project, HW, tests, paper, and final. Tests are pretty hard.
6120011Horible professor. Classes would constantly drift from the scheduled topic into things that were of no relevance to the curiculum. She will not respond to your emails and lets the quarter end without handling questionable grades. Belive me, she ducked me hard when I tried to get in touch with her.
8120011I had Professor Mason for 341. Toward the beginning of this last quarter I had nothing but good to say about her. Tests are decent and very fairly graded. If she finds a mistake or possible mistake on a test she almost always removes that question and adds the point value of the question(s) to your grade. However, It's worth noting though that in my particular case FAR too much work was put off to the very end of the quarter. We had a quiz on the last day rather than final review. Furthermore, my programming project and term paper were obviously hastily graded. Nearly all the in-class time dedicated to discussing the term paper was spent suggesting possible topics for the paper rather than on the obviously stringent structural standards she apparently expected.
8520011Not bad
6520011Does not make the topic very exciting, and goes of onto tangents that have nothing to do with the material covered on the exams. Takes forever to respond to email, and is rude to students that asks questions she deems as dumb.
9920003I had Sharon Getschmann for lab so I can't really judge her lecture.
However, I like her because she is helpful and will readily explain your
questions. She knows her field very well! Had her for Internetworking Lab I(9993) and for Intro to Routing & switching, 0602-515 (20001)
8820002Had her for Networking 1 and 515, she definitely knows her networking. Great for answering questions. Seems cold sometimes, but recommended.
6120002not helpful and not very accommodating.
also picks favorites.
8820002She definitely knows what she is talking about and as a bonus she's not to hard on the eyes. Very difficult grader however, your lab write-ups must be perfect.
8120002She knows her stuff and is willing to explain it to you. Lectures seemed to be piecemeal. one topic would be broken into numerous little pieces spread throughout the quarter. It wold have been a lot more helpful if one topic was covered at a time, and that topic was taught completely before moving to the next. Perhaps the labs and lectures should be redone so that one topic is focused on at a time in both lecture and lab without breaking it up into small pieces.
4820002She is one horrible lab instructor. When asked a question, you will either receive a dirty look, get ignored completely, or she will send the TA over to you. She either doesnt know anything or she just doesnt care. EXTREMELY UNORGANIZED! She lost many lab reports, and other papers that were handed in (and deducts points from your grade for her mistakes). STAY AWAY!! RUN RUN RUN!
7520002Well prepared for class, but never available after class. Seemed to be burdoned by it.
9920002Took her 342, 515 and 545 classes. Very helpful if you do not understand. Willing to give extra credit to help grades. Tough teacher so you have to want to learn what she is teaching. She will not just give you the answers if you ask for them. Encourages teaching youself the subjects by reading the books and manuals which is not a bad skill to learn! Tests are very fair but often difficult.
8820002Sharon knows routing and switching. word to the wise, she is a great teacher for 3rd/fourth year students 1st/2nd year may want to avoid her, as she expects you to know how to learn from sources outside of class
6520002Doesn't research the material very well before she "teachs" it to you.
9520002An excellent teacher for a higher-level class. Her presentation of an upper level elective was both informative, and fun to be a part of. She stimulates and facilitates conversation and freely admitted when we asked questions that she did not know the answer to. It seemed every time one of those such questions were presented she always came to class the next time with the correct answer.
9520002Excellent teacher, and class. Promotes independant growth, instead of feeding the answers to students. Had her for 515 and 342 and both classes were excellent.
6520001I had her for a lab instructor and was not pleased at all. Not that helpful and kinda mean. Would not recomend. Bad personality. The student lab assistant was much more helpful. Ray Reid is the best!!!
8120001knowledgable (CCNA), but will criticize anyone who attempts to have a more advanced conversion w/ her than her horrible lectures. She is visibily her for herself
4820001I had Sharon for lab, and I was extremely disappointed. It is never a good sign when the lab assistant is more helpful than the teacher. Ray did a great job answering my questions and adhearing to my concerns. Her common answer for every question was "It is in the book" or "Look in your help file" If she had read the book, she would realize that most of the stuff isn't in the book and if it is, it isn't clearly explained. The help file is useful, however we don't have one except in the lab. She is very cold-hearted and not helpful by any means. If it wasn't for the lab assistant, I think I would have failed the course.
4820001She's not helpful outside class.
Very cold and boring.
9920001I truly enjoyed Sharon for both lab and lecture. She engaged my mind, knew her stuff, and didn't hand feed answers out to the squeaky wheels. She challenged students to actually learn the concepts. I appreciated that.