RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Sylvia Perez-Hardy

6520023One of the meanest B*#$%# I've ever met. Though she knows her stuff, if she has an attitude in sharing the knowledge with you, what the hell is the point?
7120023avoid her unless you like naps... shes boring, mundane, and a slightly unfair grader... Also... her brain is a worthless vat of IBM OS/2 Warp knowledge... can't wait to put that knowledge to good use.....riiiight....
9920023I don't understand why she's getting so many Fs!! She's a real nice lady, knows her stuff and is not finicky about the things that don't matter in Internetworking lab, like the programming project. She has a blunt manner, which shouldn't put anyone off unless they expect hand-holding from college professors. I hate all things linked to networking, but I liked her class and the way she stuck to the fundamental things instead of going off on tangents. Take her if you really want to get your tuition's worth.
6520023A D is given instead of an F because I've never met her, and I give the benfit of doubt. My experience with her was her being in charge of writing and posting on the Web, the Lab Instructions for 816. The class is over and 1 Lab is still not posted there. The others were posted late. We are told at the start to "read through the Labs ahead of time". Hard to do when they are posted only a few hours before the lab.
The Lab Instructions themselves were the worst I have seen. Some of it was just wrong. Other parts just said "To do Part 3, go to this website and follow the directions there." (Maybe I should write reports that way.)
Luckily the Lab Instuctor was smart enough to tell us "This part is wrong, do it this way." The worst Lab I've ever experienced.
If I did my job this way, I'd be fired.
9920023I had her for OS Scripting Lab and she was extremely lenient, especially on the practicals. I would recommend her as a Teacher... She cool.
6520023She answered every question, even if it didn't apply to the topic. Went off on tangents about IBM and Token Rings. Very distracting in class and doesn't lecture well
8520012overall a pretty good professor. I thought she knew her stuff pretty well, she was wrong with a couple things, but that happens. Her teaching style is the only downfall, she puts slides up and expects the students to copy everything down by the time she finishes talking about it. She refuses to distribute copies of the slides or post them somewhere. But other than that she is good.
7520012eh. female professor.
6520012Extremely difficlt teacher, and I don't mean hard. Just try to get her to say she doesn't know or that she's wrong, but she has looked up a few things for us. A lot of experience, but closed minded. She does try to be helpful though, but tests on materials not covered in class. Always very late.
4820012Doesn't know the topics she teaches very well. Had her substitute for a 342 lab once, she insisted that 6 benches had miscabled when it was actually her error. Totally clueless when answering any questions. Very degrading to the class, who are actually the people that fix her mistakes. Doesn't know her material at all, dispite what others might say about her "IBM days". Quick to brag about being on the Rush-Henrietta school board (I feel sorry for them). This professor cannot even correctly explain to her class items in the book, typed in bold red lettering with a box around it. If you want to get screwed and laughed at when you go out on coop, take a class with her, if you want to learn something, take Bruce Hartpence or Mark McVea.
6120012I felt intimidated and discouraged by her insulting attitude when I asked questions. I was sure I didn't ask her questions again and instead went to other professors or students.
8120012Comes to class late. Explains material very well though. Gives good notes.
9120012A hard nosed, but good professor. She definitely knows what she's talking about. Especially considering that she worked at IBM, back in the day, when most computer tech. was being created. Doesn't laugh much and is very precise, but a professor that takes her work seriously shouldn't be penalized for that.
7820012Not the greatest, but she usually curves because she doesn't teach everything she tests on so the class does poorly until the curve.
4820012It's unbeliavable to me that a person so irresposible could exist in the IT department. My experience with her has only been for a single lab, where she filled in for an sick professor, however, from this experience, I know that if not taking a class with her would require me to delay graduation, I would gladly do it. The problem is that she refuses to take responsibility when it's clear that she's screwed something up. When one entire side of the netlab is unable to make it past one point in the lab, and her response is the the cabling/NIC installation on EVERY SINGLE BENCH (8 of them) is wrong...well, no, not writing the instructions correctly and accuratly is what's wrong. A lab wich should have taken at most, for slower people 45 minutes took an hour and a half because of her foul-ups. Truly, absolutly awful.
4820012So mean and a bad grader. You want an F take this course with her.
7120012knows the material, but her lecture is so boring and mindless that nothing really gets through. very very slow in handing back grades, and arrives at class late often.
6520012Presentations are weak, tests can be confusing and unclear, comes to class 10 minutes late every night, brought her child to several classes and would talk to him instead of the class. Pretty knowledgeable about networking, but has hard time communicating that knowledge. Seems to concentrate on Token Ring. She needs to learn about other networking technologies (ex. Ethernet)
7520012Good teacher, but does not know her stuff too well, her favorite answer is "I would guess this is right, but I am not sure" For most of 516, this was her standard answer for any question. Needs to improve her knowledge. Otherwise easy to get along.
4820011this is too good of a score for her. i give her an Z----------. she is mean, bad bad grader and gets mad when u ask a question.
9920011I had her as a lab instructor in VB 1. I cannot say anything about her lectures (because I never had her for a lecture), but she was extremely nice in lab and very understanding about late work and difficulties with assignments.
6820011Room for improvement. Needs to understand student needs better. If she does that, her grade would be raised to a B, because she is very knowledgeable of the material...
4820011Perez-Hardy was very lazy as far as getting homework, tests, and programming projects back. During the entire quarter we were promised this and that on this day or that day only to be told that "something come up". We never received any grades except for our midterm, and we didn't receive that until late into the quarter. If at all possible, avoid her by any means necessary.
7520011Not a great professor at all , her knowledge of VB is minimal and comes off as if she is pretending to know a lot more than she actually does. Not recommended, at least for VB.
4820003Does not know how to teach at all. I went to her with questions and did not help at all. Comes late to the class all the time...reads from the slides...gives the toughest exam ever possible and then fairs them very unrealistically. I would have gotten an A on the course had she not been my lecture instructor. I did not learn anything from her...only the book, the tutors and my lab instructors. No thanx to her.
4820003Had her for lab. Very rude to anyone with a question. She would insult students who didn't grasp the knowledge. I would not recommend taking anything with her.
6120002She is a great person, but when I had her for OS scripting, she just repeated what the book said (and it was a terrible book). I went to her for help on one of the projects and she never got back to me despite repeatedly asking her about it.
8120002Very nice lady. Doesn't seem to know much about Net Admin, but nice none the less. I always get the feeling that she is pretending she knows what I am talking about, while all the long she is trying to figure out a way of asking me a question that doesn't give away the fact she doesn't have a clue. Again, nice lady though.
7820002boring, tough, but smart.
9920002Great professor! Very thorough and understanding! She knows her stuff. Her tests are challenging, but that only helps in the long run.
7520002A 'C' is what I got and that is what she gets, although I think I put more work into the class then she did “teaching”. She "teaches" by reading what the book says and displaying diagrams on overhead slides. I would have gotten the same knowledge from skipping class and reading the book, since that is all she "taught" (I mean read aloud) anyway. I should have stayed home and took a nap in bed, instead of in those uncomfortable chairs they have in the classes, because she will put you to sleep with those dry lectures she gives anyway.
9920002Good Professor, can be very challenging but is very knowledgeable and helpful. Be prepared for some work but go to class and participate and you will learn a lot more than the class offers.
7120002Bad Bad Bad. I had her for both lecture and lab. She gave us back our first exam AFTER the withdrawl date. I got back some of my labs TWO QUARTERS after the final exam... in my mail folder. You'll get to know her husband, daughter and IBM well.
6520002She doesn't present the material well. Tests are worded completely wrong, very hard to take even with crib sheet.
9920002Very good professor. Good knowledge of material (and stories) from her many years of experience at IBM. Fair grader. Will try to answer anyone's questions. Not afraid to say "I don't know, I'll look it up". Tests are hard, but fair.
6120002Awful, with a combination of lack of true computing knowledge (except with IBM mainframes which she will be more than willing to tell you about) and a lack of teaching knowledge/experience her classes end up being a painful reason to start skipping.
4820001She is a terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible teacher.
9520001Great professor. Had her for 341 and 342 and 342-Lab. Fair grading of assignments. Really takes the time to help students understand the material.
9119993Extreamly fair in grading and asignment giving, almost too lenient. She definately knows her stuff. She will asign a lot of work, but, once again, will be fair in the due dates and the grading. Has strong experience from the field, worked for IBM in it s heyday. Will let you out early every once in a while. Teaches out of the book but with strong emphasis on the important points. Teaches networking classes very well, probably a good choice for Data Communications. Just be prepared to do the work.