RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Scott Franklin

5320023Good luck with this one. Expect nothing but confusion and lack of understanding. He's not bad because he's unconventional, he's bad because he doesn't help you learn physics.
9120012This professor is good, although he can be confusing to some. He teaches a lot of conceptual physics and places the math second. If you're a conceptual thinker you'll probably like his course, if you're analytical you may find yourself quickly frustrated. Professor is very easy to approach and talk to about problems.
4820012i didn't like the way he taught. He confused the whole class and for teaching freshmans in physics he wasn't using the book once and our homeworks many times didn't invlove physics but involved asking the right questions. I didn't like the way he taught.
6520011This man is truly a moron. Okay, so that may be taking it a little far, but he's teaching like one. He spews out conceptual BS and expects us to understand. He tells us to use our intuition, and then tells us we're wrong when we do and it's not the same as his. Not my kind of teacher. But I must admit, he's almost always in a good mood, which makes his BS a little easier to put up with at times.
7820011Goes over things really quickly. Sometimes difficult to understand his complex formulus. Teaches the theory rather than the math, which can create problems when you actually have to do the math. Homework given weekly which is very rigorus as well as his test. However, he usually puts a decent curve on the test.
4820011The absolute worst professor I have had thus far in the 4 years I have attended RIT. This man is not approchable at all for assistance, treats you as a number instead of an individual, and had a statistical teaching style that was completely ineffective. Went against absolutely everyting that was assigned in the textbook, and personally attacked anything a student said in class that he did not agree with. Please do not take a class with this man, you will be sorry if you did.
8520011He does a good job of going over the concepts but doesn't do a lot of math. It is hard to take notes from his class. There isn't too much homework but you really have to think about it. His tests are hard but he grades fair.
8520004I don't agree with his teaching philosphy. He teaches the theory behind the problems and then has the students learn the math on their own. But he is very friendly and approachable, and goes to great lengths to make sure he is avaiable to the students.