RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Sidney Marshall

8520023Marshall is very nice and pretty quirky in a funny way. He definitely knows his stuff like nobody's business, but his teaching skills aren't quite up to par. He tends to babble about random crap. I've had him three quarters now and he's definitely getting better, though. He's very fair, too. You won't regret having him; he just needs a little work.
8520023a good professor, knows his stuff. He can't teach out of a paper bag though.
9120023Good teacher, had him for CS4. Combined with the labs, I learned an okay amount of C++ for just one quarter. He's very receptive to students and is more than willing to help out if needed.
9920023Best CS teacher I encountered. Provided very clear information at all times and made everything easy to understand. A very fair grader in my opinion, it is unfortunate that there are written tests in a programming class at all, but he can't help that its just department policy for some reason.
9920012I hope to stay in Marshall's class all through CS series, he is a great teacher with 40 years of experience coding. He sometimes doesn't catch what you're asking your question about, but once he does, you'll get an explaination, examples he makes from scratch, he's great at what he does.
9520012Marshall is a good teacher( probably the best I've had for CS so far). I've had him for CS2 and CS3 and both labs respectively. His lectures, though a bit boring at times, are clear and understandable and he answers questions fairly well when they are presented. His tests aren't that difficult and he is a fair grader. I highly recommended Marshall...and so do a lot of other people. This might explain why his CS4 course of 45 students filled up before an of the other 5 or so sections had even reached 10.
9520012This funny little man who wears the same clothes every day makes a sencere effort to understand his student problems, is always available for help even beyond office hours with very little notice ahead of time. NOTICE: he may also ask what you think of his teaching style BE HONEST because he will take note and make changes appropriately.
9120012cool profesor. His quizes are not hard and will teach you what you need to know. can be boring at times. AS he is a first year teacher (01-02) give him the benefit of the doubt. He can teach you some interesting things. It is easy to pass the class (with a c, mind you) but an A requires a good amount of effort. One of the best CS teachers (along with Tymann)..take his class
8820012First I thought it was an ass to have his class. But as you get to know him, he's not that bad. His lecture's hard to follow, but always go to him during his office hours. He'll go over good review with you. Very easy to approach too. If you go to see him before the test, and ask questions, he sometimes hints you about the test. I'd recommend him.
9520012Good guy, hope to take him again next quarter. HE may not be super clear about what he wants to relate to you in class but he will tell you everythign if you ask him in person. Office hours are great with this guy.
9120012Hey look, a CS teacher than knows the material better than you will.
8520012Decent teacher. Lectures were boring for the most part, but the material was presented adequately, and he answers any question answered. Easy quizzes too.
9520011Prof. Marshall is a great teacher, and he is easy to talk too
4820011First year teacher who was hired on his experience in the industry but does not know a thing about teaching students the fundemental mindset of a a programmer.
9920011I love this guy he is such a geek, and geeks are cool cmon. He relates programming to DnD, trek, and all kinds of geek stuff. He is a great teacher and really knows his stuff. He has programmed in like 6+ different languages.
9920011Seriously... one of the nicest men around, and although he may not be an interesting teacher.... he is good at what he does.
9520011Interesting Teacher. Good at teaching what is relevant. Also gives fair quizes. He is always willing to help as well.
7820011He is a good professor with the exception of asking for too much on quizzes. If you study hard, and are prepared for boring lectures, you should get a good grade.
5320011I am very disappointed. S.Marshall can not teach his way out of a paper bag.
9520011Dude... How can you not like Sydney Marshall. Flat out. The guy is funny, even if he doesn't try to. The class is the only one I feel bad about when I skip it. You learn what you need to learn, and the quizzes are easy enough to do well without trying. All and all a good guy.
9520011how can you not like this guy... on the first day of class he was relating cs to music...