RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Sam Abrams

4820023I went to one day of Sr. Seminar with him and after an hour, I walked out of the class. He was unprofessional in my opinion, swearing every few minutes. Also, while being opinionated itself isn't a bad thing, he didn't seem like he'd accept opposing viewpoints. In the first hour alone he ranted about Vietnam, Iraq, and the evils of large cars. He also blamed the pollution of companies such as Kodak for the huge rise in cancer, without mentioning that people themselves contribute to their poor health by not eating right, sleeping enough, or exercising. I don't know what his solutions to the world's problems are, but I bet it would involved banning cars, suing as many large companies as possible, etc.

The course is supposed to be about globalization. His rant today had nothing to do with the theme. Likewise, his syllabus doesn't seem to either. The books he wants us to read are classics, which is fine, but how to they fit in with the theme of globalization?

I was insulted by his speech, his attitude, and his syllabus. He says not to use any BS, even though he used up an entire hour throwing politcal propaganda at us every bit as much as TV does - the same TV he says to be ware of!

He did make some good points. He also said not to believe him and to look things up ourselves. However, despite this, he didn't even try to appear objective and seemed most concerned about indocrinating us into his viewpoints.
9120012Sam doesn't go out of his way to pander to the ignorant. He needs to wear his hearing aids more consistently. Leaving them out gives the message that he doesn't want to hear students. I do not believe this is the impression he intendfs to make. He goes out of his to cultivate a "gruff curmudgeon" image, but he's not a bad guy.