RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for S Rab

9520023As long as your good at lab practicals (which are open book anyway) then your set for an easy A for lab. Always willing to help.
7820011She is a very nice lady. She is somewhat unorganized but knows her stuff. However she is very hard to understand. Questioning is a waste of time since you get blown off accidently by her because she doesn't always understand your question. Rarely anyone in my class participated because of this reason. This is all based on Calc 2 experience as I have not had her for physics. ALthough she did do a good job relating calc 2 to physics
9920003Excellent teacher, nice person but a little hard to understand at first.
9520003EASY 'A' in Lab, I don't think I EVER did uncertainties on my Lab reports and I always got 9/10
9920003Great Lab Professor
9520002I had her for Calc 2 and she was definatly a good teacher. Some people say she is too easy or maybe they don't say that.. but I really did learn a lot from her class and she prepared me for calc 3
6520002if you take her for calc 1 you will be learning everything outside of class. she doesnt understand the concept of teaching. you'll probably do well anyway shes an easy grader. take it with her if you took AP and need a refresher.
8520002Take her for lab. You won't learn anything, but you never do learn anything in physics lab. It's an easy A in a course that's only one credit anyway.
6820002I think this is the prof i had. she is very difficult to learn from. you ask her a question and she says "no, no.. you don't understand." then she says it's really easy and doesn't explain well. she scribbles on the board. literally.
9920002Very easy teacher, never takes any points off in lab. I wouldn't take any other lab teacher again, she is perfect! She also is helpful and understanding.
9920001all-around excellent professor. best lab grade you'll ever get.
7520001Doesn't seem like she grades anything other than the abstract of the lab reports, which of course, is good if you want an easy A. However, if you ask her a question she will only read the lab manual back to you. She does care about the students though, so that's a plus.
8820001Definitely an easy A in lab. Lab reports can be very formulaic. Perfect for those who don't have time to devote their life to a 1 credit course.
9920001Excellent Professor :)
9920001Very good lab instructor, Recommended.