RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Tracy Davis

4820023Grades too heavily on details and penalizes too much on minor mistakes.
Makes you work harder for a 1 credit lab course than the 4 credit physics course.
9120023Classes were hard sometimes, but he's very encouraging and he knows his stuff.
4820023horrible teacher. he has the knowledge but cannot get it through to us students. he teaches straight out of the book as well. definately way too into details. he doesn't understand that there are more important courses than his physics courses that require a lot of time.... expects us to use 40hrs/week on his class. very unreasonable. good luck to all u people stuck with taking his courses.
4820023Teacher has a ego problem. Not flexible at all with class, gives a bazillion problems. won't let you use a graphing calculator for tests, but instead one of those cheap calculators.

Girls, beware if you have this teacher. he often tends to exercise during class, tends to put a leg up on the table and do stretches, but it feels like he's showing off his crotch to the whole world. I'm not sure if he's aware of what he's doing, but he seems to think he's hot and all that. It's gross and it bothers me, cuz I feel like he's thrusting his crotch into our faces during his lecture. Why can't he stand still and save the exercise for somewhere private, like his bedroom?

Otherwise, the questions aren't related to the homework, tests are hard, no graphing calculators allowed, and frankly, doesn't care about the students. Can be sarcastic and rude. All of my experiences with him have NOT been pleasant. Made a flippant remark and was really snotty towards me when I was late to class because of a meeting with my advisor.

I would find other teachers to take, other than Mr. Davis. Trust me.
4820012He needs to find a hobby and a different job. Perhaps he should get a haircut too, and bath every now and then. He is a confusing hard headed machine. U won't understand anything besides the F you'll get in his imitation of a class.
5320012Tests were extremely difficult. He pays way too much attention to details and penalizes heavily for minor mistakes. Puts questions that have never been seen or introduced in class, homework, or even in the chapters on the tests. Final was increadibly difficult, much harder than the tests.
4820003He has a terrible attitude and is always talking down to students. Lectures are boring and monotonous. Quizzes are designed in such a way that it is very difficult to do well on a regular basis. Tests pay unecessary attention to details. Poor teacher and an overall unenjoyable experience.
5320003Poor teacher. Not helpful. Blew up at the class when we asked for solutions to a hw assignment. Not receptive to students questions.
4820003I am not giving him an F because of his teaching style but because of his downright awfull personality. Frequently he is sarcastic and rude to students.
6120002terrible lab grader, too anal.
9120002Good professor especially after you get to know him and figure out his personality. Seems sarcastic sometimes, but is really a nice guy. He loves his field and sometimes can explain things a little too much!
9520002My impression of him is good.
4820002I had him for Univ. Physics 2. Straight forward, he sucks. He told me that it was not his job to help me and if I didn't understand the material I didn't belong in his class. No graphing calcs or formula sheets to help on tests. Bad grader, bad lecturer, bad personality.
8820002Sure he doesn't let you use a graphing calculator but he makes up for it with easy questions. Is an interesting lecturer. Best physics teacher I had at RIT.
4820002Bad professor... Bad attitute, doesn't help... Thinks he's like Einstein... Doesn't change his pants!... Awful in every way... Had him for Modern Physics, I worked my ass off, and he still didn't give me no lead way...
5320002Lectures are boring, and usually derivations of formulas, and then a couple examples. Everything is rushed, the material is taught too fast and he expects you to understand things as fast as he does. No formula sheet or graphing calculator on tests. Weekly quizzes that are multiple choice and T/F, but tricky. Tests are extremely hard. Didn't have a good attitude towards students.
9520002Physics is one of the toughest majors, and most students have problems with passing physics classes, and they tend to blame the teacher for it. i have taken physics 2 with Davis, and he covered the material in a brilliant way, and he was really helpfull, he may be toughest than other teachers, but at least you get learn things in his class, what else we come to university for?