RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Tona Henderson

9520023She is very straight-foward as to what is going to be on the tests and what she expects out of the students. she is very flexible and a very energetic teacher that i would love to have again. Her love for teaching the students is clearly shown in her teaching style. :0) great job!
7120023I didn't really learn anything in her web design class unfortunately. I guess I did at least get some more experience in making web sites, but I really learned absolutely no web programming at all, just made some sites in dreamweaver.
8120012She is vague in her expectations and merciless in her grading. Do not take any assurances she may give at face value. She will tell everyone they're doing fine. This means nothing. Try to get any project specifications in writing. If she mentions a technique in class, as outdated and deprecated as it may be, chances are it will magically appear in the project spec when the grades come back.
8120011I had Professor Henderson for Web Design and Implementation. She used to be a librarian and it shows. Instead of concrete reading assignments, you often end up with a generalized list of URLs and other sources of information. There is nothing wrong with this, but it's not everyone's style. Be prepared to invest a lot of time experimenting and researching how other people have done things to solve a particular problem. Personally, I think she spends too much time on the design and design principles and not enough on implementation. When I took the class we met twice a week for lecture. One session took place in a regular classroom with no computers. The other met in the building 18 IT lab. This class really needs a studio environment, but that can't be blamed on her.
7520003Never goes in depth into a topic. Certainly isn't well versed enough to be teaching at the college level. Should stick with the remedial web development courses for newbies, and go no further.
9920003She is awsome. Take her with your eyes close. You will love her food related assignments.
8520003Professor Tona is a good teacher. I had her for Introduction to Multimedia and she was very helpful. She is always willing to help a student out or to answer questions. Lectures seem more like a group discussion than a lecture which lightens the sometime boring subject matter. I recommend taking a class from her.
8820003Fair tests and a good teacher. However she often fails to explain project grades. She has a pleasant demeanor but can be a really really rude sometimes in very subtle ways. She definitely is not above trying to make kids look like asses.
9520002Good instruction. Understanding. Fair.
9520002I'd like to see her teach more than IMM; she's genuinely interested in seeing students do well. Does a pretty good job of making lectures interesting.
9120001Very friendly. Seems like she cared.