RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Tom Zigon

9920023Tom really knows his stuff. He gives good assignments that you can have some fun with. Also hes is pretty laid back as far as deadlines go so it is not hard to do well in the class. Just be prepared to only ask SPECIFIC questions, otherwise he is likely to go off into a wild tangent of some sort.
9520023Tom is always willing to help when you need him and isnt too strict about grading. He just wants to see his students learn!
9520003concerned about getting students ready for the real world-not just getting an "a" in the class.. ready to help when asked, and always full of some kind of information....
7820003Seems to be an Ok guy, but I really did not learn anything new when I took Digital Photo.
7520002Knows his information but doesn't know how to get it across to his students. More times than not the students walk away so confused because he jumps from one topic to another and doesn't stay on track well.