RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Tom Dingman

9520023Initially I thought he was too anal about everything, but a few quarters after having him I'm still using the stuff he taught us in DC Circuits and AC Circuits lab. Great lab instructor, never had him for class though.
9520023Great professor if you do the work you get the grade. he takes no sh*t and gives none. Pay attention he goes over a ton of material but its worth it.
71200121 word: "Hardass" stay on this professors good side and you will be fine. Those who are not on his good side are in for a rougher ride.
5320012Lectures are boring and pointless. Everything in class is easy until about the 3rd week when nothing makes sense anymore. Good luck to anyone that has to take this class
9920011I've had Dingman for 3 different classes now. He's an excellent teacher, he's very approachable, and knows the material well. He does expect a lot, but is not unfair with grading. I look forward to taking more classes with him in future.
8820002He's expects a lot from his students, and rightfully so. I've you're not motivated to work hard and pay attention to the details, Prof. Dingman is not the teacher for you. I did very well in his class due to the fact I have good work ethic.
9520002I had Dingman for DC Circuits & Simulation. I thought he was a tough grader, although he forced me to apply myself to the fullest extent. Overall, he seems very smart, knowledgeable, and I look forward to having him again.