RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Trudy Howles

8520023OK prof. Nothing particularly special, but seemed to know what she was talking about.
9920023I had her for section 19 Computer Science 1, which was for students lacking previous experince in programing. She is an excellent teacher that makes everything simple and easy to understand. She grades leinently and the tests and quizzes are not difficult. most importantly i learn a great deal in her class. she is more than willing to help you if you just ask and tries to make sure everyone in the class understands what she is teaching. i will be taking her for Comp. Sci. II
8820023Had for CS 2 Lab. Not the absolute best lab instructor, but always came around and asked if anyone had any questions. Grading was fairly lenient
7520023Great grader on projects, but otherwise nothing special. If anything a little uninterested in teaching at times.
9520012I think that the other comments in here are a little bit harsh. Trudy may be a slow teacher, but she does that to ensure that everyone understands the material. Why people failed CS1 with her is beyond my understanding. She's a very fair grader, will stop class if she sees that someone doesn't understand and always makes herself available to students, even outside of her office hours.
6520012she's not a bad teacher if you can blend in, but if you need any special treatment forget it
6520012A decent professor, but I personally cannot recommend her for CS2. I thought her teaching was a little below average and she seems uninterested in the class at times.
8120012Howles needs to learn she has a class full of people who are older than the age of 3. The bright side of this is that if you don't know what you're doing, she over explains everything so you'll catch on sooner or later. My main complaint here is grading. She is far too concerned with coding standards, might even care more about them than if your code works. Otherwise, good.
9520004Very nice professor who always took the time to help her students and made sure that she answered all of their questions. Trudy was available alot outside of class and was always willing to help.
9520004She is very helpful and will go out of her way to make sure you are doing alright.
8520003nice person, but this is COLLEGE, not KINDERGARTEN. good grader on projects.
9520003The people who gave her a bad grade just don't know what they had when they had it. She is one of the best professors in CS. Of courses she doesn't hand things to you like most ignorant people want but I learned from her and would take her again if I have the chance.
9920003Great teacher. Does not go to the lengths that a Tymann does, but she is really nice and actually makes sure the students know the material instead of flying through. She was the best CS teacher I had overall
9920003I had her for lab, she was very helpful and wanted to help her students learn any way she could.
6820002had her for lab, gave tips that confused others, and wasn't helpful, the best advice for lab is to ignore what she is saying.
7120002Very dull lecturer. Confusing. Tough exams. The first time I saw her, I was like "whoa...Mrs. Brady??" The atmosphere in the classroom reminded me of one that would be in a 5th grade classroom. I was always clueless when it came to Test time. I wish she had more group discussion to keep us awake since there were at least 3 students who would sleep through the entire lecture. This one guy actually came in with sunglasses and slept in the back.
9120002She is so nice! She did a very good job of teaching CS I to new people who knew nothing (me). She was always around to help; she even offered to help when she was no longer our prof. Fair exams and quizzes
9520002very pleasant
9520002I think she is a great teacher, she goes above and beyond to help a student out. She is very humble and teachs at just the right level.
9520002Everyone can appreciate a professor that will go out of her way for her students. She always encouraged class participation and invited her students to visit her any time with questions. In order to learn, you have to be willing though. I had her for cs2.
9520002had her for comp sci 1. Good teacher, fair tests.
7120002I'll put it this way, she was my first class in CS and im not in CS anymore. You do the math.
9920002Decent knowledge of subject matter, and is very helpful.
8120001Not fit to teach at Masters level. behaves like an elementary school teacher.
9520001Goes out of her way to get students involved with topics in lectures. Explains everything clearly.
8520001This "brady bunch"-ish teacher is pretty cool.
8519993She reminds me of a kindergarten teacher. She s kind of nice, but it seems like she doesnt know Java that great.
9519993Knows the information necessary to teach, and will find information if requested. Has good interpersonal skills and cares about the success of her students.