RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Thomas Stone

8820023Good professor, generates good discussion, but a bit slow on the grading. On the plus side, that means fewer assignments compared to other lit classes.
8120013Cares about his students, but his discussions and lectures are ineffective. Not an intelligent person, by any means, but a nice guy!
8520012He is actually a good teacher. There are no tests, except for the final, and the work is straightforward. He is a cool Writing and Literature teacher and he makes time to meet with all of his students. There are occasional quizzes on some of the reading; however, the reading seems like it is not required. Overall, he is a good teacher.
7520012Nice person. However, after going to the first class, I realized that he gives ALOT of work and expects the same of you. If you are a Liberal Arts major then he's your guy, if you take W&L for an engineering requirement, I recommend you avoid. Switching to Ms. Glennon's section was the best decision I made here.
9520012Great teacher who wants his students to succeed. Willing to take extra time to help everyone out and make sure they become better writters!