RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Tina Lent

8820023she knows her stuff... and i mean she could talk for days on end about one thing... a two hour lecture made me zone out so much. however, she is really nice and understanding, and if i wasnt such a slacker, i would take her again. (she expects high quality papers). you will learn a LOT from any class you take from her, and she will answer your questions to no end.
9920003She's one cool dudette. Cares about her students. But she is almost impossible to meet out of class. She was also my advisor for a quarter. We only met once because she could never fit me into her schedule.
8820003This professor is very knowledgable in the areas she teaches. She is always willing to elaborate and answer any student questions. The class is fun, and the work, although hard, is not unmanagable. She does sometimes get off on tangents though, and then the whole class gets behind.